Remembering Elon Musk as Ukraine Is Bombed Like It’s WWII


The US embassy in Kyiv sent out a level 4 red alert to US citizens. Americans are told to shelter in place or leave Ukraine by private means when it’s safe to do so. Ukraine’s infrastructure is under serious threat due to continued Russian strikes.

Belarus President Lukashenko claims Ukraine plans to attack Belarus and has joined forces with Russia near Ukraine.

Let us remember Elon Musk, who called for peace. Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany told him to “F* off.” President Zelensky called him a Putin ally.

Multiple regions of Ukraine have come under missile strikes, with at least 11 key infrastructure facilities damaged, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. Putin stated that Russia retaliated over several attempts to strike Russian infrastructure attributed to Kiev.

A security camera captures the moment Russian missiles strike a bridge in Kyiv. Russia launched strikes against civilian targets across Ukraine Monday, in what Putin said was a response to the bombing of the sole bridge that connects Russia and Crimea.

Russia’s Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, says the Ukraine strikes are only the “first episode” of response.

Putin confirmed that Russian troops carried out “massive strikes with long-range precision weapons on Ukrainian objects of energy, and military control and communications.” The response came two days after an explosion damaged the strategic Crimean Bridge, for which officials in Kiev claimed responsibility, RT reports.

“If there are further attempts to conduct terrorist attacks on our soil, Russia will respond firmly and on a scale corresponding to the threats created against Russia,” Putin added.

Putin called Ukraine terrorists. This follows Ukraine’s President Zelensky demanding NATO declare Russia a terrorist state.

The bombings:

Most absurd is Randi Weingarten’s trip to the Ukraine border so she can pretend she’s a diplomat. Your tax dollars are paying for this. Why doesn’t she go to the US border? The onslaught of foreigners is harming US education.

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