Schumer Cried for Immigrants at JFK- But No Tears for Brooklyn’s Dead Seniors


How many of you remember Senator Chuck Schumer hightailing it from Brooklyn to Queens so he could hold an “emotional” January 29, 2017 presser at John F Kennedy Airport?  Chucky was crying.  He was upset because President Donald Trump temporarily banned immigration from seven designated terrorist nations.  Schumer was also greatly troubled that a handful of disembarking, overseas, passengers had been delayed for screening.

That whole business is more likely to ring a bell if you recall the president’s reaction to the senator. “I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears,” Trump said. “I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach.”

“Cause I know him, I don’t see him as a crier.” He added, “There’s about a 5 percent chance it was real. But I think they were fake tears.”

Now, how many of us remember Senator Schumer publicly tearing up while leading a press conference focused on the 5,000 plus seniors that died in NYC nursing homes?  Anybody even recall Schumer sadly calling attention to the soaring number of fatalities in his own borough of Brooklyn?

Surely he must have weighed in when two institutions, The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, and Cobble Hill Health Center,  within weeks, combined for more than 100 deaths.  In a city swamped with overwhelmed nursing homes, they had, by far the worst record, and were less than two miles from Chuck’s office.

Certainly, a man with his connections could call friends in the media, take a 5-minute car ride, and at least offer heartfelt condolences along with promises of improvement to his grieving Brooklynites.

Of course, in reality, Schumer’s made no public mention referencing any of the tragedies that have stricken the neighborhood in which he and his wife live.

Likely he feared any references to the New York City nursing home nightmare would reflect poorly on Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, whose deadly COVID-19 policies flooded those facilities with infected patients.

So, as is his nature, Chuck made the political choice most beneficial to him by, in this case, staying uncharacteristically mum.

Comparing the two scenarios above offers a dark look into this man’s psyche.

Charles was quick to navigate a truly annoying cross-country trip to criticize Pres. Trump, get favorable national coverage and shed crocodile tears for strangers.

Yet, leery of suffering from even some short term, minor political discomfort,  Schumer showed absolutely no interest in traveling a few blocks to offer regrets and hope for his own traumatized neighbors.

Schumer’s even more dangerous than I thought, and before writing this I thought he was pretty damn dangerous.



  1. This guy is a snake. Just like the snake in the Garden of Eden. Slithering around in the dust, on his belly, full of lies and deceit. Always trying to serve one master…..himself. Who else in the Rhelm is like that….?

  2. Nice memory hole find! Chuck is the suck of all sucks and don’t you dare criticize the greatest “comedienne” ever to walk the face of earth Amy Schumer because her skin is thin.
    Chuck has to put on a show for the foreigners and invaders that will keep the CPUSA in power until the end of the free bread and circuses.
    They will contribute nothing then scratch their heads and wonder where the cargo cult goodies went as the velvet glove gets replaced by the iron fist.

  3. If I’m not mistaken….Chucky’s wife was head of Transportation in the Buroughs (didn’t use the Schumer name) when the Staten Island Ferry crashed and killed I think, 11 people,……
    I’m sure there were tears then…..?????????

  4. The reason why Upchuck Schumer cries for illegal immigrants and not for the babies he supports aborting or the nursing home residents he supports infecting with deadly diseases is that babies and nursing home residents DON’T VOTE.. but if Chuck U. Schumer and the rest of his ilk have their way, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL. If not, who will the Crony Corporatists that OWN SCHUMER and his fellow Progressives get to use as their SERF LABOR?

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