SEC Head’s New Rule Allows Foreigners US Land “Rights”


On Friday, thirty-two members of Congress demanded answers from the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about a newly proposed rule that would allow buying and selling of undefined “rights” to certain private and public lands, including to foreign nations.

According to this rule, if the investors support ESG and want to protect nature, even public lands, they can buy into the stock market.

The new type of investment, “natural asset companies” or NACs is worse than ESG.“The idea is to list companies with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) commitments to public or privately owned lands, and then put a monetary value to the resulting benefits, such as clean air or wildlife habitat.”

It’s a complete fraud and allows ineligible people, including foreigners, to get their claws into land that belongs only to American citizens, not Joe Biden, not the Democrat Party, not RINOs.

Is there anything American this administration won’t sell to the highest bidder?

Harriet Hageman
Harriet Hageman is leading the charge.

Rep. Hageman, who thankfully replaced the horror Liz Cheney, said, “Once in control of the land, NACs will be prohibited from engaging in “unsustainable activities” like energy production, logging and grazing; however, farming would still be allowed.”

Hageman said the purpose of this rule is to end all economic activity on the lands.

“This misguided ‘rule’ has the potential to fundamentally change U.S. land access, management, use, and ownership as we know it,” she said in a Friday press release. “As if that weren’t bad enough, the rule places no limits on who can buy these lands – China, Russia, Iran, and other bad actors would be free to participate and shut down U.S. energy and mineral production.” Read more at CowboyStateDaily.

This government is dictatorial and is ruling over us, destroying our nation with executive orders, rules, regulations, and riots. They’re traitors.

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2 months ago

But the SEC wants to sell wilderness to Bill, and Larry, at a discount of course. They desire the world’s biggest private estates with autonomy.

2 months ago

Easy fix is to change the law to what it should’ve been along. To be a property owner in the USA you must be an American Citizen. It’s a matter of national security and defense.