Stagflation Is Here But It’s Much Worse Than That


As we reported, stagflation is here. It was inevitable with Joe Biden’s Jimmy Carter-style policies to the 10th power. There is no way we are not entering into a recession and Biden just keeps putting people out of work for a vaccine that no longer works.

We have a stagnant economy and inflation. Our GDP is 1.2% and it’s headed for 0. Biden rode on Trump’s economy for a while, but that doesn’t go too far. We have declining wages, massive inflation, and high unemployment.

This will be devastating to seniors and the poor in particular.

Peter Schiff wrote on Twitter: More confirmation of stagflation today as not only did more companies announce notable price increases with warnings that additional hikes are imminent, but the Leading Economic Indicators for September plunged to .2% from a downwardly revised .8% in August. Analysts had expected .5%. Watch:

Biden could send us into a Great Depression as he taxes and spends wildly, kills jobs, destroys the energy sector while letting millions of anonymous people pour in while crime soars, and censors all opponents in an effort to turn us far left.

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