Terrible! Biden’s press secretary won’t say Cuomo isn’t the gold standard


On ABC’s This Week, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by Jonathan Karl whether the Biden administration is now willing to say that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not the “gold standard for leadership” on the pandemic. Cuomo’s policies led to a large number of deaths in nursing homes and he covered it up. To this day, he refuses to apologize to the families of the victims of his policy.

Psaki is a disgrace.

Joe Biden described Cuomo as the “gold standard for leadership.”

Psaki smirked and stared as Karl asked the question.

Karl was subservient in his approach in sharp contrast to the brutal treatment he gave Donald Trump and his press secretaries.

Psaki told Karl at the end that she’s not here to give “labels.” She wants to limit press speech.

“I’m not here to give new labels or names from the president. I’m here to communicate with you about what our focuses are and what his objectives are as president.”

The Q & A:




  1. A hot tip from Karl for Jen Slacki…say comrade Cuomo is the cat’s meow in the spirit of unity comrade kommissarina.
    Any Kayleigh sighting?

    O/T-Ol’ Sol came out looking marvelous again and some melting of glaciers has started as it got up to 45 degrees and I went out and about with das windows down.
    All kinds of goodies in the dollar bin at the comrade’s book store with the Byrds, Bee Gees, Van Morrison, Beach Boys!
    Jamming the king of rap MC Mel Brooks with To Be Or Not To Be and it was morale boosting for all. (grins)

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