The Battle for God and Country


Not too long ago it was believed that kings ruled by divine right. Other men – from noblemen to serfs and outright slaves – all lived their lives at the will and whim of their kings, emperors, dictators, and war lords – tyrants all. It was dangerous to stand out and be noticed, safer to be a nameless face among the obedient masses.

But the early Americans were unique in that they refused to be enslaved by kings and tinhorn despots — and the powerful armies that were sent to subdue them. For the Americans had guns, and they knew how to use them. They would “rather die on their feet than live on their knees.” They believed their rights came from God, not government, and so they trusted their fate to God and to their individual resourcefulness – for each man was born with individual rights – God-given unalienable rights – rights no government gave him and no government could take away.

At least that’s how it was in the beginning when America was young and America had God.

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptists citing the First Amendment’s prohibition against laws “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” In his letter Jefferson said the First Amendment created a “wall of separation” between church and State. Thomas Jefferson had no hand in writing our Constitution – he was in Europe at the time. But years later, in 1947, that made no difference to our Supreme Court. In 1947, in Everson v. Board of Education, the justices used Jefferson’s “wall of separation” to establish a judicial principle that ever since has proven a curse on our American character.

Everson v. Board of Education took us down a path where today in 2021, we the people no longer enjoy religious freedom. Now with the “blessings” of our own Supreme Court, we are subjugated and kept in fear by godless activists – tyrants in Washington, D.C. who have somehow convinced us we have never had freedom of religion, but rather the Constitution guaranteed us freedom from religion. And now without God, we are no longer sure of any of our freedoms.

I remember as a schoolboy, classes began with a different student each day reciting a Psalm from the Bible. When it was my turn, I remember just handling the Bible, just holding it in my hands, meant something special. I guess we all felt that way back then. After reading from the Bible, the boy or girl standing under the American flag in front of the room would lead the class in The Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. We grew up on that daily ritual until 1962, when in Engel v. Vitale our Supreme Court ended prayer in the classroom.

Justice Potter Stewart was the lone dissenter in that ruling. He wrote, “I think that the Court’s task, in this as in all areas of constitutional adjudication, is not responsibly aided by the uncritical invocation of metaphors like the ‘wall of separation,’ a phrase nowhere to be found in the Constitution.”

When we lost God, we lost America. And that was the plan all along. “We the people… do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…” Make no mistake, the Constitution of the United States of America belongs to We the People, not the judges who never seem to get it right, not the politicians, not the thousands of public officials and bureaucrats who claim it as their exclusive purview, who keep us in fear and use our fear to feed their heady unquenchable lust for even more power, and ever more power still.

Now we the people find ourselves in a massive battle to restore God to a godless nation. We must take back our true Constitution – the original one when America had the blessings of God – where America was the new Promised Land – even as, and in spite of, the southern Democrats who tried so desperately to entangle us in slavery.

Even if you believe the man called Jesus of Nazareth was just a man and not the Son of an all loving and just God – you cannot deny that His teachings have become the foundation of a glorious and peaceful world view – at least a Western world view. It was the teachings of Jesus, whether man or the Son of God, that brought the values of love and brotherhood, courage and strength and individual responsibility to the shores of a young and proud America.

Our fight begins at the ballot box – the ballot box where John Roberts and the Supreme Court have repeatedly failed us, where spiteful Justices polluted by politics and starving for the adulation of the Washington social elite have denied the will of the people and allowed the 2020 election to be stolen by America-hating leftists – by Communists and globalists who despise our God-given promised land.

Through the ballot box we will bring God back into our schools and public places and restore the Judeo-Christian values we have lost. Instead of fostering brotherhood in America, the leftists who rule over us try to keep hatred alive and keep us fighting each other instead of fighting them. The time has come for us to come together, to get ourselves elected to our local school board, to run for Mayor or Councilman or Municipal Manager. We must get honorable people elected to our state houses, our governor’s mansions, our Congress, and our White House. We must appoint judges who believe in faith over case law.

Let us put an end to Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools and our military – put an end to the forces that divide us – Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA and their murderous riots – the killing of each other on our streets over lies perpetrated by the Washington establishment – from the White House to our corrupt Department of Justice and our FBI, our CIA and Intelligence Community, our Bureau of Land Management, our State Department and Defense Department, our Environmental Protection Agency and our Housing and Urban Development Agency. All of them are corrupt – FISA and our Appellate and Supreme courts – Congress and our Federal Reserve – all of them corrupted with God nowhere to be found to put fear in their hearts – or maybe love and courage to do what’s right.

And so we pray: Oh, God, we are peering into a vast darkness. Please grant us the courage of our convictions and the wherewithal to succeed. Please return your blessings of justice and brotherhood to a once proud, brave, and free America. Please help us to turn the face of a nation back to the warm sunlight of your smile.

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