The Democrats


Watch this compilation. It’s a video of people inciting insurrection.

Parler CEO John Matze spoke to Maria Bartiromo by phone yesterday morning on Sunday Morning Futures about the coordinated, vicious Democrat-MSM-Big Tech attack on freedom of speech. They all took him down at the same time. It was planned. There is nothing to stand in their way with Democrats in power.


“It’s devastating is what it is, and it’s an assault on everybody. I mean they, they all worked together to make sure, at the time, we would lose access to not only our apps, but they’re actually shutting all of our servers tonight. Off the internet. So they’ve made an attempt to not only kill the apps, but to actually destroy the entire company,” said Matze. “And it’s not just these three companies. Every vendor, from text message services, to email providers, to our lawyers, all ditched us too, on the same day. And they’re trying to falsely claim that we were somehow responsible for the events that occurred on the sixth.”

Parler went offline at midnight, as Amazon promised.

My late friend, Denise, ran several websites on her server, and serviced sites that had been banned. Hers was Puma by Design. She was a Black conservative woman in Bed Sty, an oddity, to say the least. Early on, she went to Gab, then Parler, and others now gone. She said that while there were kooks on these sites, including some racists, it was about free speech and great to be able to speak freely.

This is how she described herself:

Unhyphenated American female, born and raised in the Empire State and who like most New Yorkers, in spite of being a registered Democrat, I voted for the candidate, not the party which meant voting often across party lines throughout the years. In 2008, coming to terms once and for all with the fact that Democrats and I had nothing in common, I left the liberal cesspool forever. Of course, I now have a grudge to settle after decades of being lied to and so I blog to right the wrongs and expose the lies.

She wrote articles up until the day before her death from a particularly aggressive cancer, and a desperate surgery she could not survive. One of her sites belonged to another conservative who ran the website, Grumpy Elder. He died because he had to drive 50 miles to get to his VA hospital and they hadn’t given him the oxygen he needed.

Denise Shepherd, Puma, kept Grumpy Elder’s aggregate up for years after he died.

He wasn’t grumpy, just older, but he was a veteran and a true American. They had their own servers and he tried to get me to buy my own because he saw this coming. However, I can move my data abroad at a moment’s notice. My operations is small.

I will never give up, in part, for them. Then there is Herb in Texas and James in Wisconsin who do research for free.

I fight for them. We mustn’t let individual freedom become collectivism. They must not silence us.

Parler is large but there are hosts they can go to abroad.

Americans should know that if the Left decides to have anyone’s IP taken down, they can — that means no Internet access anywhere. They can take anyone off the Internet and as many as they want.

Democrats will use any excuse to further their hard-left agenda. They got “lucky” with COVID and then with the 6th. They never let a good crisis go to waste.

The Right, traditional America, is the dangerous movement? We don’t want violence, Democrats are fine with it when it suits them. They gave very little lip service to condemning violence when Antifa and BLM riot. Biden staff gave money to get Antifa out of jail. Harris herself boosted the cause and told people to give to the funds bailing them out. Watch this:


Parler plans to come back. They will try:

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