Two More Kamala Staffers Flee, Saving Their Careers


Two more staffers are leaving Vice President Kamala Harris’ office in a continuation of the flight of the staffers. It has reportedly been driven by “concern about being permanently branded a ‘Harris person.’” It’s a career killer.

If she becomes president because Joe Biden’s dementia wipes out all his brain cells, we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for staffers. She can’t keep any.

Politico, citing sources, reported that Meghan Groob was leaving her position as Harris’ director of speechwriting. The speeches are pathetic, but it might be Harris’s fault. Maybe she ad-libs.

Also, according to The New York Post, Rohini Kosoglu, one of Harris’ longest-serving aides, will leave in August.

The Long List, Growing Longer:

“The exits of Groob and Kosoglu mean that at least 13 key staffers have left the VP’s team in as many months, including chief of staff Tina Flournoy, chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh, deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs, communications director Ashley Etienne, director of digital strategies Rajun Kaur, director of advance Karly Satkowiak, deputy director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi, director of press operations Peter Velz, deputy director of public engagement Vince Evans, speechwriting director Kate Childs Graham — who Groob was hired to replace — and national security adviser Nancy McEldowney,” The New York Post reported.


No reason was given for Groob’s departure, but the New York Post said that Kosoglu was leaving “to spend more time with her family.

Late last year, Axios stated that the reason so many staffers are leaving Harris’ office is over “Concern about being permanently branded a ‘Harris person.’”

Being a Harris person sounds like career suicide.

“There’s been an inordinate amount of disarray — and, now, turnover — throughout her tenure. Her allies say she has a terrific chance to reset and downplay the early stumbles. But top Biden officials privately roll their eyes at her team and want to see smoother, more effective leadership,” Axios reported.

This incompetent woman is poised to replace Dementia Joe. This was brought to you by the Democrat Party.

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