Ukraine Was on the Losing End of Massive Bombings Last Night


“We’ve had over 30 drawdowns of U.S. arms and equipment for Ukraine, coupled with countless billions in aid money, and they’re losing cities to mere penal battalions. You should really start to ask where all of your money and weapons are actually going,” Jordan Schachtel writes.

Ukrainians voted for Mr. Zelensky because he promised to broker peace with Russia. He did the opposite and Ukraine is constantly on the losing end of this war.

Ukraine suffered massive bombings and damage to infrastructure last night, and it will continue to get worse. If this keeps up, Ukraine won’t have a country. Bakhmut is about to fall into Russian hands, and Ukraine may dream of a counter-offensive, but we’ve yet to see it.

Ukrainian Flight

Ukrainians are fleeing, many to Russia. About 2.8million+ fled to Russia. How is this success? Ukraine’s population in 2021 was only about 43 million, and is now somewhere around 36 million, but who knows?

Ukraine flight

Russia appears to be stepping up its attacks, and not losing the war. They launched a massive barrage of missiles and drones, hitting residential buildings and critical infrastructure throughout Ukraine and in the West, far from the front lines. Only six people were killed, but people are without heat and electricity.

Zelensky said Putin attempts to “intimidate Ukrainians again.” The Russian ministry said it was in retaliation for the recent incursion into Bryansk in western Russia.

The US calls this a stalemate, but Russia has 20-27% of Ukraine’s most important land and ports. The West is the rump area of the nation.

This is a perilous war and needs to end. Ukraine appears to be losing and too many Ukrainians are suffering and dying.

People are getting tired of this war:

The US is now casually talking about war with China:

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