Ukrainian Officials WARN GOP Not to Cut Off Economic Aid


“Ukrainian officials are warning Republicans who may soon take control in Congress: Defeating Russia means providing not just weapons, but more money for Ukraine’s economy as well.”

To say they are ungrateful is euphemistic. It’s time to cut the flow of funds we don’t have to spend for a war we don’t need or want.

George Washington Zelensky is bleeding us dry.

This came from Politico‘s article. Here’s more:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his aides know “there may be some different challenges than existed before” in a post-midterm world, Vajdich said. “There’s a recognition in Kyiv that they’re going to have to work with Republicans to help them understand that support for Ukraine can’t just be about guns.” That means money to erase Ukraine’s budget deficit, and to underwrite the energy sector and other civil services such as schools.

It’s a message lawmakers are hearing directly from Ukrainian officials and through their representatives in Washington.

There are way too many lobbyists working on this, using tax dollars to squeeze us for more tax dollars we don’t have so we can protect their borders, not our own, and keep their civil servants employed.


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1 year ago

Ukraine is not worth it. Cut a deal with Putin and get the gas and oil flowing to Europe before we send the World into a decade long plus Depression. I don’t particularly care for Germans, especially Klaus Schwab, but causing them to freeze to death is not good US Foreign Policy.