Uvalde Police ARE Cooperating – Reckless Media Reporting?


The Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde Independent School District police force reportedly stopped cooperating with the Texas DPS probe into the massacre at Robb Elementary School and the state’s review, ABC News reported. Only that might not be true Both say they are cooperating.

ABC ‘News’ and their anonymous sources are pathetic no matter the truth. The media escapes all responsibility when they blame anonymous sources for errors or potential errors.


The school district police chief who served as on-site commander during last week’s deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, said Wednesday that he’s talking daily with investigators. That contradicts media claims from anonymous state law enforcement that he stopped cooperating.

In a brief interview, Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo told CNN that he’s also speaking regularly with Texas Department of Public Safety investigators.

“I’ve been on the phone with them every day,” Arredondo said. The chief has been the focus of media anger over allegations that he delayed sending officers into the school. He believed that the gunman was barricaded inside adjoining classrooms and the children were no longer at risk.

ABC News reported Tuesday, citing “multiple law enforcement sources,” that the school system’s stonewall is related to criticisms made by Texas Department of Public Safety officials.

According to sources, the decision to stop cooperating occurred soon after the director of DPS, Col. Steven McCraw, held a news conference Friday during which he said the delayed police entry into the classroom was “the wrong decision” and contrary to protocol, ABC added.

Their sources need to stop talking and the media needs to speak to people authorized to speak publicly.


The gunman was in the school for about 90 minutes. For most of that time he appears to have locked himself inside a classroom after shooting at police. Police took cover in a hallway in response? Some reports say they helped the rest of the teachers and students escape. From the hall, up to 19 officers reportedly waited outside as children in the classroom dialed 9-1-1. Ultimately, a Border Patrol tactical unit stormed the classroom. They killed the gunman after reportedly being told to stand down by Uvalde police, Mediaite wrote.

The legacy media is spreading too much misinformation. We are now hearing the teacher did close the door the killer came through but it didn’t shut all the way. Usually, if you close the door, you make certain it snaps shut, but who knows. Perhaps none of what we heard is true. It doesn’t make sense for a teacher to leave a door ajar while someone is shooting outside.

Unfortunately, the media snapped up the original narrative. And they are sticking with it. It could be wrong.

In an interesting sidenote, the police chief that everyone is denigrating, perhaps rightfully, or not, was just sworn in as a member of the city council. Mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement that out of respect for the families of the murdered students and teachers, no ceremony was held.

No one wanted this to happen except the killer.

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