Viking guy –25 years in prison, Antifa/BLM — not a day in jail (videos)


Watch the videos below and tell me why Antifa and Black Lives Matter never have to answer for their crimes.

The lunatics now in charge of our justice system are going to put one man away for 25 years. He participated in the riot but did not break anything or engage in violence.  Known as Viking Guy, he walked into the Capitol bare-breasted wearing a headdress of buffalo horns, holding a spear. There’s no evidence he busted in, he walked in and ran around screaming, acting crazy, but didn’t hurt anyone.

Without any evidence that Viking Guy is dangerous, the judge wouldn’t let him out with bail. The judge said Viking Guy is a “symbol” of an insurrection. That, of course, is a lie. It wasn’t an insurrection. Viking Guy, Jacob Chansley, didn’t hurt anyone or anything but faces 25 years in prison for being a symbol. Yet, Antifa and BLM never pay for their violence and vandalism.

If you saw Chansley in action, you know he could use some counseling. We usually get violent criminals evaluated but not Viking Guy who said he supports DJT. He needs a psych consult. The child-man thinks he’s an alien from another planet.

This is the mastermind of a coup?

Antifa/Black Lives Matter

The film below begins with Trump supporters trying to attend a dinner to celebrate Trump’s victory. The attendees were abused by the communist radicals. Reporter Jack Posobiec of OANN said they were throwing ‘D’ batteries at them.

In the second segment, protesters can be seen blocking streets to prevent people from attending the inauguration. Code Pink was back and joined in with dangerous Black Bloc Antifa rioters.

It’s disgusting.

Most of the people in these videos were never held to account for their crimes. The democrat-supporting communists and anarchists in action:

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