Washington Post found a new tack to trash the Georgia election law


Washington Post‘s Phillip Bump concluded in an analysis of the Georgia law that it cannot be considered separate and apart from Governor Kemp’s motivation.

Bump says Donald Trump and his followers falsely claimed Georgia’s election was fraudulent. He said that is the unreasonable motivation for addressing this issue.

“In Georgia,”, he said, “there is no rational motivation for the passage of its new election law other than demonstrating fealty to the false claims elevated by Trump. Why did Raffensperger need to be replaced on the elections board now? Why did the rules governing absentee applications need to be tightened now, only a few months after an election in which repeated review and extensive scrutiny showed no improprieties had occurred?”

Since they can’t say the Georgia law is Jim Crow 2.0, this seems to be the new rationale.

The reason the laws need to be changed is the laws were changed to favor Joe Biden at the last possible moment. And it was done at the expense of the Constitution and secure voting.

Mail-in voting is notoriously open to fraud, and it was set up without any voter ID requirements.

Then there is the problem of endless, unofficial drop boxes without a chain of custody. That’s also addressed in the new law.

The law does not make it harder for anyone to vote unless they are illegitimate voters.


Then there is Raffensperger, who notoriously and unilaterally signed a deal unnecessarily with partisan Stacey Abrams.

Stacey Abrams’ organization Fair Fight pushed through legislation that compelled Georgia to accept email absentee ballot applications. In addition, the verification process in the email ballot applications was weakened. They did it through a lawsuit settlement with Raffensperger.

The Democratic Party also demanded absurdly complicated procedures to reject a ballot because of voter signature discrepancies. This together with the massive increase in absentee ballots created a situation where ballot applications and ballots were just not verified.

The lawsuit settlement in March required more thorough procedures before election officials can reject a ballot because of voter signature discrepancies. The settlement stipulates that a majority of the county officials reviewing the absentee ballots must not only agree that the signatures don’t match but that they also must compare the signature with all the signatures that they have on file.

Raffensperger also released part of a taped conversation he had with then-President Trump that made it appear as if DJT was asking him to find fraudulent votes. In fact, he was asking him to look for legitimate votes.

Now, after a judge said he would allow a full audit of Fulton County ballots, Raffensperger filed a motion to keep the actual ballots out of the audit. Why?

Bump doesn’t think the Georgia legislature should have the power over Raffensperger as this new law requires. Why? Why should one man have the power instead?


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