What I’ve Waited for! NBA Has the First Trans Non-Binary Referee


As if the NBA wasn’t getting unwatchable enough with their wokey attitude, they’ve decided to go ultra-woke. The NBA is proud to announce that they are debuting its first trans and non-binary referee this season.

We don’t know if this person is any good at his/her job, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this person is a first trans non-binary.

Allegedly, this person will be a role model for queer kids aiming to referee pro basketball games. So they/them are pushing their agenda in the faces of sports fans who just want to be free of politics so they can enjoy the game.

The new referee is Che Flores. GQ and AP acquiesced to her pronoun demands. She grammatically incorrectly calls herself they/them

Flores joined the NBA last season, but she was officially identified as female this year the NBA will use her preferred pronouns of they/them. Flores told GQ being misgendered as she/her always was,  just left a little jab in the gut.

“I can go through the world and either my job a lot more comfortably,” she said. They started refereeing; you had to look a certain way. She told GQ this is the first time I’m comfortable expressing myself through my own fashion and not having to worry about it. I feel 100% myself now. I can go through the world in either my job a lot more comfortably, Flores said and she hopes to be a model for queer kids.

Clearly, Martin Luther King’s vision has died. We are no longer equal, merit no longer matters, and we are to be judged by the color of our skin or who we sleep with.

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