WTH? Historic Fort Lee to be used to house illegal alien children


The U.S. government is evaluating a Virginia military base as a possible site to house unaccompanied illegal alien children amid a sharp rise in numbers arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a Department of Health and Human Services notice seen by Reuters.

This is like what Hitler did. At the end of World War I, the Germans were brought into Versailles and forced to sign the peace treaty in fancy rail cars. It was meant to humiliate them. During World War II, when the Germans conquered France, Hitler brought in those same rail cars to make them sign a treaty establishing Vichy France. He was rubbing it in the faces of the French people. This use of the fort is rubbing it in their faces.

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that Fort Lee, a U.S. Army facility in Virginia, was under consideration.

The Fort is historic and was named after General Robert E. Lee. The original Camp Lee was named for Light Horse Harry Lee, his heroic grandfather, who fought in the American Revolution.

Fort Lee was created as Camp Lee in 1917. The fort was named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee and is located on historic grounds where European settlers first met the Powhatan Confederation in 1607 and where Captain John Smith set up some of the first plantations along the James River. In 1864, the Yankees marched across what is now Fort Lee to surprise General Lee and cut him off from his supply base, launching a nearly ten-month-long siege during the Civil War.

When war was declared on Germany, bringing the US into World War I, construction was started on what would become one of the largest, though unofficial, cities in Virginia at the time. Its main purpose was training and sending off soldiers to the Western Front. The large camp hospital saw over 10,000 soldiers during a flu epidemic in 1918. After the war, all buildings but the “White House”, the temporary housing for the post commander, later known as Davis House, were destroyed after the camp was officially closed in 1921.

Joe Biden will use this important piece of history as a welfare facility for exploited foreign children sent illegally by their feckless parents.
Are they going to have the military babysit them?

The number of migrant children arriving at the southwest border has increased in recent months, thanks to an open invitation by open borders Biden.

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