Zelensky: “This Is the Most Horrifying Thing I Have Seen in My Life”


CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Ukrainian President Zelensky and asked him for his reaction to the tragic video of a woman identifying the body of her son.

Tapper showed the video of her finding her son in a well. Then he asked, “What is it like for you, as the president of this country, to see those videos — to hear the crying of the moms?”

He is understandably horrified.

“This is the most horrifying thing I have seen in my life,” Zelensky replied. “I look at this first of all as a father. It hurts so, so much. It’s a tragedy. It is suffering. I won’t be able to imagine the scale of suffering of these people, of this woman. It is a family’s tragedy. It is a disaster. It is the dreams and life you’ve just lost. We live for our kids, that’s true. Kids are the best we were given by God.”

President Zelensky is on TV non-stop pleading for weapons and other assistance. Often, he wants to push the West to escalate.

Mr. Zelensky said that we shouldn’t be “afraid of nuclear war” and just be “ready”.

If he finds this tragedy horrifying, how does he think countless bodies from a nuclear war would affect him? If the West joins the war as he hopes, the probability of World War III and nuclear war moves closer and far worse horrors await.


Everyone is pushing for war, not just President Zelensky. They fear – understandably – that Russia is looking to expand its territory. However, Russian President Putin needs some kind of victory to save face or he will go to the brink or beyond. The US knows that. NATO knows that. Zelensky knows that. Yet, the US will not compromise, including giving them the Minsk 2 agreement that the EU – Germany, and France – brokered between Ukraine and Russia. If they did that, this could possibly end. The only other option is a hot war.

Unfortunately, the US decided to give Russia nothing, and that was before the invasion. The US is re-opening the Crimea question. The US won’t allow Donbas to remain independent. Zelensky said he won’t try to join NATO as he presses NATO to continue sending weapons and as he pushes NATO to join the war.

If this is horrifying, and it is – it’s sickening – then how horrifying is what we are headed for? We have outrageous debt and inflation and a very inept administration. Those are the conditions under which we would proceed to war.

General Keane was on with Mark Levin this evening on Life, Liberty, and Levin, and he said China will not get involved due to the fact that Xi is concerned with his country.

Keane also wants more serious weapons sent to Ukraine to help them defeat Russia.

We don’t want Russia to win and almost no one agrees with us when we say give Minsk2 a chance. We’d like to know what you think if you have time to comment.


The UK has soldiers in Ukraine, reportedly to train Ukrainian troops. Our media and politicians are now openly pushing for boots on the ground.

Chris Coons says the horrors Putin is inflicting on Ukrainians warrants extreme measures.

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