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We want to tell you the news that the mainstream doesn’t want you to know about and commentary leans right.

I’m an ex-liberal and am amazed at all I didn’t know when I was a liberal, like: the Constitution isn’t a “living” document; giving out endless welfare checks is a bad idea; pity for prisoners is better spent on the victims of their crimes; guns aren’t evil but people are; free speech matters more than I knew which is why PC needs to be obliterated ASAP; women can be evil too; big government doesn’t do a good job; Kumbaya, We Are the World, It Takes a Village, and anything even remotely resembling those concepts are now out of my head unless I’m using them to make fun of somebody; sometimes war is necessary; socialism and communism have absolutely no redeeming qualities as systems of government; Carter wasn’t a good president and Reagan was, Green should go back to being a color.

Independent blogs like this one provide an opportunity for common folk to battle the corrupted mainstream media in a search for truth. We are searching, always searching…

We research and are as factual as possible and provide links to sources though commentary is commentary. If we make a mistake, we correct it.

I have published educational articles, short stories for children and was a copy editor for This Week Magazine. I have a B.A. in English Literature and masters degrees in Education, Secondary Education and Administration. For 33 years, I worked in education as a teacher of English and later, Special Education, and spent years as an elementary principal, secondary principal and central office administrator.

The name Sara Noble is a nom de plume and my real name is Maura. There are a few reasons for the nom de plume and included in those is the fact that many of my family members are liberals and don’t want their last name out there on a center right blog. I started out with the pseudonym and just kept it. It’s a family name.

Pity me, I’m surrounded by liberals and I live in New York.



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  1. What the hell are you doing in Texas? Leave that cesspool and come south honey. Texas is number 1 and may one day be the Republic of Texas, Florida is number 2, but all the states south of the Mason Dixon line are places where common sense still exist.

  2. Hi, I’m a bit of an upstart with a Constitution blog on

    I went out of my normal turf/lane/lines to make a political video for Super Tuesday and the constitutional implications of Cruz, Rubio. . .and yes, even Donald Trump being nominated–a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Would you please consider posting my post or video within the next 36 hours before Super Tuesday voting closes? Thanks!


    Just the video:

    Video Post:


  3. Sara (Maura),

    Good stuff on Newt. I could write a book on him.

    I’ve written for decades, comment to the NYT regularly, but never submit any of many thousands of pages I’ve witten over the decades. I retired out of Iraq, and I’m enjoying the quiet of my rural Sonoran ranchito.

    Feel free to look at my little blog here in Sonora.
    You just might like it.

    Like you, I took a (long) turn from left to right, as you have. Yet unlike you, I carried the liberal albatross for nearly all my 68 years, so the catharsis was intense after the separation. Better late than never, Sara. I’ll be looking for you to get better each day. I see a great gal doing great things in an America that needs far more intelligent young women who think like you.

    I’ll just post below the letter I just wrote to David Brooks at the NYT. Best to you, George Heiner

    David, in 1500 characters, I’ll not attempt to take you to task for all you write here. My wife thinks you wear great ties (and I agree) in your wholesome appearances on the PBS News Hour, and I must keep this short.

    You too readily characterize a typical Trump voter as “undereducated”. The picture in the story is surely placed there to convey that impression.

    You hang with the Friedmanians, that strange class of Flat Earth Thinkers (and Obama is among them) who see the world from the skewed perspective of Tom Friedman’s books, notably “The World Is Flat”, and “Hot, Flat, and Crowded.” These books are a staple, even a bible, for New York Times readers. Frankly, the ten year intellectual turn towards Flat Earth thinking turns my stomach.

    I can assure you I would feel more comfortable at a Trump rally than in the confines of a reunion of a few of my elite prep school classes, which include a previous DNI for President Obama, a CNN host, a famous singer songwriter, a (deceased) Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, and too many others to mention. Many of my classmates have fallen into the same intellectual crevice that defines, among all else, their Flat Screen perspective of Trumps’ voters.

    Education has nothing whatsoever to do with my support for Donald Trump, and your premise – really, your presumption – that it does so undermines everything else you say, both to me and so many others who have read you for years. What happened to you, David? I’m disappointed in you.

  4. I discovered the Independent Sentinel this morning when I read Joan Swirsky’s brilliant 12/6/16 article “Analyzing Obama’s Treachery.” The comments are closed but I wanted to respond with a few remarks particularly about her conclusion that jealousy is the motive. While I agree that jealousy is a powerful and often animating motivation I do not think that it is operational in the context of Obama’s treachery. Obama’s motive is far more disguised and far more sinister. When Obama promised hope and change most Americans had no idea that he is a pro-Muslim globalist, an internationalist who believes in one-world government. Obama deliberately used ambiguous words that are open to interpretation. Americans applied their own ideas of hope and change – colloquial notions of a better safer life. I truly believe that the civilized mind has great difficulty processing the deliberate destruction envisioned by the globalists seeking one-world government. It is truly diabolical in its intent. As an American Jew I was raised to identify the evils of Nazism and the incomparable savagery of the concentration camps. It has been extremely disillusioning and disturbing to me to realize that the Nazis were not an anomaly – that there are many powerful forces intent on the same kind of destruction that have the same incomprehensible lack of respect for life.
    I was an English major in college and minored in psychology and philosophy. I have been reading Bertrand Russell again and am more shocked now by the extraordinary arrogance of the globalist elite’s self-serving solution to the Malthusian theory (Earth’s population growth is unsustainable) – a one-world government that will eliminate the useless eaters! Their one-world government is a binary socio-political system with a ruling class of elites and an enslaved population who serve them. There is no middle class, no upward mobility, no national sovereignty, and no individual freedoms. Russell described this solution in 1952 and was extremely accurate in predicting the world population increasing from 4 billion to 7 billion. In today’s world population of 7.5 billion the useless eaters (the underclass) are joined by the middle class (independent-minded) that must be destroyed to achieve a dependent society, and the Islamists (useful jihadists) who will be the globalist’s final enemy. Israel is the existential enemy of globalist one-world government in the Middle East. She stands as the enemy to Islamist aspirations for establishment of the caliphate and imposition of sharia law world wide, and she stands as the enemy to secular one-world government globalist elites. Israel is one-world government’s consummate enemy which is why the whole world is arrayed against her and why it is so easy to manipulate the useless idiots (secular or religious) into hating and boycotting her. Israel’s most powerful weapon against all that is against her is her insistence on living in objective reality where facts and evidence define reality. Islamists and the left-wing liberal lemmings who follow Barack Obama and Israel’s liberal left are easily manipulated and can be defeated because they live in subjective reality. The globalist elite dream of a secular one-world government is parallel to and in opposition to the Islamist dream of a religious one-world government/caliphate ruled by sharia law. The secular globalist elite believe they will prevail in a final contest because according to Bertrand Russell the society that has science on its side will necessarily win – the Islamists produce nothing but hate – no weapons and no industry so they cannot resupply. The Islamists are the useful idiots for the secular globalists because they bring the social chaos necessary to transform Western capitalist societies into socialist societies to prepare them for one-world government. The secular globalist elites need suicidal open border policies importing mass populations with hostile cultural norms to collapse the economies and create overwhelming chaos fear and anxiety in host populations. It is the fear that will motivate free populations to surrender their freedoms to the state – and the globalists will happily impose a police state just before they internationalize the police force and impose one-world government. It is a monstrous strategy that will ultimately result in the dystopian nightmare of a very small ruling elite with the rest of society enslaved. I graduated from the University of Michigan in the 60’s and the hippies and anarchists that were my classmates did not go silently into the night. They have reconstituted themselves as the professors and administrators at American universities and are propagandizing a generation of unsuspecting youth. The useful idiots that they graduate will help the globalist elites (left-wing liberal lemmings) or they will help the Islamists (apologists for Islam) – in either case they have no clue that they are being duped and are participating in their own destruction. Connecting these dots has been a very painful experience – I write editorials in hopes of consciousness raising to inform a deliberately disinformed public. Donald Trump, like Israel, demands objective reality which is why he is an existential threat to the dreams of both secular and religious one-world government globalists – and I believe that is the motive for treachery.

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