Another White Supremacist Caught Drawing Swastikas on Apartment Doors


A seemingly anti-Semitic white supremacist spent the past 30 days, since the end of November, drawing swastikas and penises on apartment doors. The suspect was not identified but police have released a surveillance photo (see below).

This is the man who spray-painted the hateful images.

The police department’s hate crimes task force is investigation the incidents.

There have been lots of complaints about the alleged surge of white supremacist attacks since the election, especially in New York. The LA Times wrote about it in 2016. As they catch these people and find out they’re not white and that mantra has been largely silenced.

Screenshot of another Nazi white supremacist cab driver who wears a Swastika armband.


  1. Oops! Well, maybe he just wanted everyone to think it was a white person. But that would make him a racist. Hhmmm!

  2. All cases recently have been liberal left wing or black Democrat supporters trying to perprtrate racism and white supremacy to facilitate their political agenda. Even Charlottesville was a set up to.promote racism and violence for political gain. It is fitting though, it always was, and still is the democrats party that were and supported the racists, and bigots, and they still do today as they remove the monuments of their past.

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