The Art of the Misdeal or The Blunder That Killed the GOP


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It’s time for Stephen Miller, the president’s immigration advisor, to clean out his desk. He’s the one, remember, that personally designed the president’s immigration program released during his campaign. That program got Trump elected.

According to Sen. Lindsay Graham, Miller is the advisor who’s pulling the president rightward on immigration. Miller was the conservative in the woodwork at the White House.

Well, if he’s that, he’s having absolutely no impact on the president’s thinking—if indeed the president thought at all about the so-called White House Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security.

First the good stuff. The Framework calls for needed change in chain migration, “by limiting family sponsorships to spouses and minor children only (for both Citizens and LPRs)” and

“Eliminat[ing] lottery and reallocat[ing]the visas to reduce the family-based ‘backlog’ and high-skilled employment ‘backlog.’”

OK: that’s the end of the good stuff. Now for the good stuff that’s never going to happen.

The Framework also calls for “a $25 billion trust fund for the border wall system, ports of entry/exit, and northern border improvements and enhancements.”

“What’s wrong with that?” you ask. Simply that Trump is not going to be president forever. Remember what happened to the Social Security trust fund? Does anyone know where it went? It was raided by Congress and spent. What is going to prevent Congress from pulling the same time-honored trick it played on Reagan in 1986: Promise them anything, but give them Garbeige?

Congress simply pockets the amnesty and doesn’t deliver the border security part of the deal. It happened to Reagan in 1986 and to GWB in 2006. That year, “The Republican-controlled House and a large bipartisan majority in the Senate passed, and President Bush signed, the Secure Fence Act, requiring 700 additional miles of double chain-link and barbed-wire fences with lights and camera poles.”—Investors Business Daily.

The next year, Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Ted Cruz’s predecessor) wrote an amendment saying they didn’t really have to build a wall, after all. By then, the Democrats controlled Congress and they passed it. We had built only 30 miles of wall.

Now for the bad stuff.

In exchange for the fantasy-trust fund, Trump gives up—not amnesty for 700 or 800 thousand but for 1.8 million:

“Provide legal status for DACA recipients and other DACA-eligible illegal immigrants, adjusting the time-frame to encompass a total population of approximately 1.8 million individuals.” [Emphasis added.]

“With a 10-12 year path to citizenship,” yet. Who was even talking about citizenship for DACA recipients? Guess which party are these new Americans going to vote for? We may be witnessing the death blow to the Republican Party.

Take Note: The Great Deal Maker leads with his best offer. Or is it even his best? Of course, the Dems will want even more. And the way Trump is going, he’ll give it to them.

Why is it approximately 1.8 million? Obviously, because our government has no idea in Hell how many there are. Trump may have given the Democrats a blank check for how many will get amnesty. Some of them are doubtless sneaking across the border as I write.

Remember: these are people who supposedly were eligible for DACA but didn’t apply. Government estimates being what they are, whoever does the screening will have far more than 1.8 million to screen. Before, long they’ll be taking the word of a multitude of illegals about when they entered the U.S.

Of course, they didn’t enter by going through passport control, so how will we know who’s eligible? We won’t.

President Trump has done many conservative things, far more than I expected. But to this reporter, if he carried out nothing more than his promises on immigration, that was reason enough to vote for him. And an HRC presidency would be fatal for America.

I still support the elected president and reject the Democrat jackals who are trying to overturn the election. But the president has made an enormous error with this offer. We must let him know.



  1. Right. It was the “Unified Budget” that ruined Social Security by allowing Congress to “Steal” the money.

    I suppose we could grant those under DACA who Actually filed paperwork some type of “amnesty” since they attempted to follow ‘some’ type of legal requirement, so long as they have NO criminal past, which I would include anyone who has been protesting. For those who didn’t pursue this venue they have basically thumbed their nose at any sense of the law. Therefore they Can and Should be exited out.

    When it comes to General Immigration I submit our current system is just fine and dandy. Most of the complaints center around the time it takes to gain citizenship. What is wrong with taking years to actually receive that “gift”. When a person is willing to spend that amount of time and resources they are definitely worth consideration.

    I had read that Graham has been summarily removed from participation in the immigration discussions, which would be great news.

    • Of course if Charlatan Graham were included in discussions he would go the the press and blab some nonsense, destroying any negotiations. It’s highly improper to make noise as he does.

  2. Listening to Graham on Fox and the more he talks the more I despise the man. I don’t know how many times he says “IN THE FUTURE”. From what he says, claiming thirty-some working on this, Trump should just end any further discussions. He’s just promoting one big SCAM.

    • I just ignore him since I realized he is controlled by the deep state which somehow gets him elected each time. He obediently follows their scripts. He has no credibility. He may be under blackmail.

  3. I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch until and unless a freaking deal is reached and signed. Until then, it’s all theater of the absurd and spin. The smart set is under attack in DC and the reverberations of which are bouncing off all matter of things and whatnot. Let’s just see what comes… Your concerns are duly noted.

    • The author’s title is misleading. It has been the GOP which has been destroying itself on immigration since before 2006 when they pushed the first amnesty. We narrowly escaped amnesty when Hastert decided to not vote on the bill. They tried again in 2013. They drive out conservative candidates and accept leftists on their ballot.

      Ryan, McConnell, … said nothing in regard to the preliminary deal. They are the immigration extremists, not Trump.

      Trump is involved in early negotiations and has paralyzed the democrats. I must assume from the title that the author has anti-Trump sentiments.

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