Beyoncé Dresses to Honor Black Panthers at Grammy Awards


The history of the Marxist criminal gang, the Black Panthers is being rewritten by a whole host of people including Beyoncé who lauded them in dance at a Super Bowl. She continues to honor the self-admitted criminals, wearing a Black Panther’s inspired outfit to the 2018 Trash-the-President Grammy’s.

Jay-Z was a criminal

In April, 2014, Jay-Z appeared at the Barclay’s Center with wife Beyoncé wearing a large golden pendant representing the fringe, hate group Five Percent Nation. He was asked by a reporter if it meant anything to him and he shrugged, “A little bit.”

The Five Percent Nation believe black man is God and created the universe. The black nation are stronger physically, intellectually and morally according to Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of books explaining the crazy group. Whites are weak, wicked and inferior.

The movement has been associated with Hip-Hop. He’s not a member of he group, just an admirer of its ideology.

Jay-Z has a criminal past.

When he was 12, Jay-Z shot his brother but stayed out of jail. He financed his music career selling crack cocaine during the epidemic. Who knows how many lives he is responsible for destroying.

His excuse is he was only thinking about the money. “Not until later, when I realized the effects on the community,’ he said. ‘I started looking at the community on the whole, but in the beginning no.”

He didn’t ‘realize’? He didn’t think about it?

That explains in part their love for Black Panthers, a group that terrorized Americans in the 1960s through early 1980s.

History of self-admitted killers

The Black Panthers were a violent hate group who hung with violent communists like Bill Ayers. The militant Black nationalists robbed, raped and killed. Their guiding principles included communism.

The Panthers formed to fight police brutality. They put armed citizen patrols on the streets to monitor police activity.

They quickly became a violent criminal gang involved in extortion, drugs and murder. FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover dubbed them “the greatest threat to internal security of the country”.

They adhered to the ideology of Malcolm X and argued for the separation of blacks and whites rather than integration, urged followers to defend themselves from white
aggression “by any means necessary” and advocated black rifle clubs.

Popular Panther chants included: “The revolution has come, it’s time to pick up the gun. Off the pigs.”

Jane Fonda was a huge supporter.

It wasn’t a revolution, it was a crime spree

A friend and colleague of then-Communist David Horowitz, Black Panther
bookkeeper Betty van Patter, 45 was murdered after raising concerns that leaders were misappropriating money from the group’s flagship children’s breakfast program before she went missing.

Her body was found with her face caved in with a blunt instrument. There was insufficient evidence at the time to charge anyone, but Huey Newton, a former burglar who co-founded the group with Bobby Seale, is said to have confessed to having ordered the hit on the mother who he admitted was raped and tortured first.

That same year, he is said to have admitted to killing 18-year old Kathleen Smith, describing it to his gang pals as his first “non-political killing”

In 1967, Newton killed police officer John Frey, only 23 at the time of his death. For that, he was to serve two to fifteen years. He claimed self-defense. The conviction was overturned.

Eldridge Cleaver, editor of the Black Panther’s newspaper, and 17-year old Black Panther member and treasurer Bobby Hutton, were involved in a shootout with police in 1968 that left Hutton dead and two police officers wounded.

Conflicts within the party often turned violent too. In 1969, Black Panther Party member Alex Rackley was tortured and murdered by other Black Panthers who thought him a police informant.

The Black Panthers’ Oakland extortion racket of bars and clubs was never adjudicated.

By 1980 Panther membership stood at just 27. In 1982 a school the group had set up
was forced to shut down after Newton embezzled its funds to pay for drugs.

They soon disbanded.

Bobby Seale admitted they were criminals and murderers. Visit the FBI Vault for more information.

This is who the music idols Jay-Z and Beyonce admiré and promote.

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