BOMBSHELL! If You Want to Know Why Comey Was Fired, Read This!


This PDF from Sen. Grassley’s website is a must read but the last 4 pages are especially explosive. This answers the questions about Comey’s firing. Show it to the doubters and ask yourself why this isn’t all over the media.

McCabe will probably be fired next.

The PDF includes copies of letters to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from Senator Charles Grassley who levels a very serious concern. He writes on May 2, “it is vital the you begin to closely supervise and oversee the FBI’s handling of politically charged, high-profile and controversial investigations.

In the letter Senator Grassley also notes that the Committee on the Judiciary has sought greater transparency from Andrew McCabe, the deputy FBI Director who is under investigation by the Inspector General [as is James Comey] for not recusing himself from the Clinton investigation only three months after his wife lost her bid for a congressional seat as a Democrat funded by close Clinton allies including Governor Terry MacAuliffe.

The letter references other cases over which McCabe should have recused himself.

Here is a bombshell from the May 2 letter about the fake dossier [that claimed various perverted transgressions by Trump while he was in Russia]:

Further, according to public reports, the FBI agreed to pay Christopher Steele, the author of the unsubstantiated dossier alleging a conspiracy between Trump associates and the Russians. Clinton associates also reportedly paid Mr. Steele to create the dossier against Mr. Trump. The FBI has failed to publicly reply to my March 6, 2017, letter asking about those reports. That leaves serious questions about the FBI’s independence from politics unanswered.

If the Wall Street Journal that first reported this is correct, why would the FBI pay an operative for the Clinton campaign to investigate her opposition?

For months, Senator Grassley has been trying to get a response from former FBI Director Comey. Grassley received NO RESPONSE.

Take this portion of one of the letters and ask yourself if this doesn’t sound like quid pro quo:

As you know, Mr. McCabe is under investigation by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. That investigation is examining whether the political and financial connections between his wife’s Democratic political campaign and Clinton associates warranted his recusal in the FBI’s Clinton email investigation. On March 7, 2015, just five days after the New York Times broke the story about Secretary Clinton’s use of private email for official business, Mr. McCabe met with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime, close associate of the Clintons—along with his wife, Dr. McCabe. Mr. McAuliffe recruited Dr. McCabe, who had not previously run for any political office, to be the Democratic candidate for a Virginia state senate seat. Dr. McCabe agreed…

Grassley again asked if the FBI paid Christopher Steele to continue investigating Donald Trump even though he is the person hired by Hillary Clinton to put the dossier together.

There was no response from Comey. How could any president keep this man on the job?

There are also prior reports that the FBI used the fake dossier to spy on Carter Page.

This comes on top of revelations in the book Shattered which exposes the fact that Robby Mook and John Podesta came up with the current Russia scandal story – they didn’t invent the story, just the version we hear now. Mook and Podesta wrote the Russia narrative 24 hours after Hillary lost the election.


  1. Today on C-Span Newsmakers with Senator Chuck Grassley,29 minutes,Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) talked about President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey…..Grassley talks about requesting info from Comey at hearings and never getting the info requested, Grassley talks about the Trump letter firing Comey with regards to Trump saying Comey told him 3 times he was not under investigation, Grassley does not sound like he was very impressed with Comey as FBI director,…….well worth the listen…..I hope Comey does testify next week in a open to public hearing!!!!

  2. and they had the NERVE, the GALL to ask for Sessions’ recusal?
    The day in July when Comey ticked off a long list of “transgressions,” by Hillary…then went on to say no prosecutor would bring a case…that day … ANY question as to Comey’s impartiality was done.

    The entire thing stinks to high heaven. Thank GOD Trump is president. He will hold them accountable in ways other Republicans would not have the cojones to do.

  3. The immunity offered to Clinton people along with the destruction of laptops holding potential incriminating evidence is beyond the pale….even by D.C. standards.

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