High School Teacher Is Recruiting Students to Riot Against Trump In California


Livier Perez invited BAMN, a revolutionary communist group, to speak to her 10th grade students at Oakland Technical High School, Oakland,California. BAMN is a violent Antifa group.

The lecturers were recruiters, handing out flyers and encouraging the students to commit acts of violence. At the same time, they brainwashed them with lies.

At one point, a student asks, so we should just have open borders and let everyone walk through? The BAMN recruiter responds, Yes, this is what’s best for the economy and everyone deserves free healthcare.

If this is what is going on in our high schools, what chance do we have as a nation? Why are these subversives allowed to recruit students? The two who lectured the class are allegedly lawyers.


There is more at Facebook. Perez is alleged to be a racist who threatened the white student she believes took the cellphone video of the BAMN speakers.

Here are the flyers that were passed around:

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