Chaffetz Sells Out General Flynn, Hillary Remains Unscathed


Why is Jason Chaffetz teaming up with partisan Elijah Cummings to claim General Flynn might have broken the law? No Democrat would do this. It’s especially ridiculous after all Hillary Clinton has done. The Washington Post reports:

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and the panel’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), said they believe Flynn neither received permission nor fully disclosed income he earned for a speaking engagement in Russia and lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey when he applied to reinstate his security clearance. They reached this conclusion after viewing two classified memos and a disclosure form in a private briefing Tuesday morning.

“Personally I see no evidence or no data to support the notion that General Flynn complied with the law,” Chaffetz told reporters after the briefing.

Said Cummings: “He was supposed to get permission, he was supposed to report it, and he didn’t. This is a major problem.”

The fake stream media is trying to make the General into a Russian operative who worked for Russian firms and made thousands giving speeches to foreign governments on the sly.

The truth is that the General was on contract to a firm to speak about cyber security as a private U.S. citizen. This was different from crooked Hillary who took billions from sketchy foreign governments while secretary of state to feed her money laundering machine – the Clinton Foundation

CNN is on the case.

A top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee tells CNN that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, was paid more than $33,750 by Russia’s state-run broadcaster RT TV-Russia for a speech in Moscow in December 2015.

Oh wow, what about Bill getting over $500,000 from a Russian bank after he worked out a deal to sell our uranium mine while his wife was secretary of state? He gave a couple of lucrative speeches to the Russkies.

The LAI speakers’ bureau contracted Flynn out and since he is a cyber security expert, that made a lot of sense. This wasn’t something he snuck about doing on his own.

All of this is to hurt Trump and if the crazy left has to destroy General Flynn to do it, they will. It’s sad to see Chaffetz cooperate with this witch hunt.

The investigation is referring to communication with all “foreign governments”, not just the Russian government. Does anyone really believe other politicians haven’t done exactly this?

The Washington Post gleefully talked about Flynn going to jail for five years.

It’s up to the Department of Justice now.

Hillary and her campaign director, Soros’s buddy, John Podesta, made millions acting as Russian puppets. Podesta sold U.S. technology with Hillary’s okay. The U.S. Army intelligence the FBI advised against it.

Obama approved the US technology to Russia deal with Hillary, knowing it could be used for hacking and military espionage. Think about it. Hillary gave advanced hacking and nuclear capabilities to Russia.

There’s your Russian connection.

But let’s get General Flynn. Why don’t they go after Hillary, then they can go after Flynn.

By the way, where is the investigation into the illegal leaks that got the General fired?  The CIA broke the law in that case but no one cares.


  1. This may be a deflection because of Chaffetz involvement in covering up the Extortion 17 operation involving a Chinook helicopter crash with Seal team 6 in Afghanistan. There are many suspicions in this entire episode with Chaffetz NOT allowing testimony to the cremation of all the personnel involved in the crash.

    According to a statement from Flynn he DID notify the DIA before AND after his speaking engagement.

    These investigations by Congress are becoming more and more of a charade perpetrated on the public. It is nothing more than ‘theater’ to convince the public things are being done when,in fact, absolutely NOTHING is being done.

    It may be that the reporter who asked Chaffetz if there were some scandal that caused him not to seek reelection may be right and not realize it.

    What this past election has shown, because of it being Trump, is that many Republicans are just as corrupt and evil as the Democrats.

    Virtually all those who will not participate in elections give the reason that both parties are entirely corrupt. It is becoming more and more evident that This is truly the case. It has become no different than third world countries enriching themselves at the expense of the public. This is where we are today and the unhinged left just want the ability to be sole recipients of that wealth. In the past, I suspect, each side was content to allow the other side to be participants. Unmitigated greed has resulted in upsetting that previous balance. Each side is all in for themselves now and we, the public, have to bear the outcome.

    • It’s not good. I was skeptical after Extortion 17 also. In the least, the rules of engagement caused the death of these men.

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