Ka-Ching! Wall Street Puppet Barry Obama to Get $400,000 for One Wall Street Speech


Barack Obama who for years ripped Wall Street, the banks, told us we needed Dodd-Frank, will get $400,000 for giving a speech at Wall Street’s Cantor-Fitzgerald.

As Sean Spicer pointed out, the former president said in Chicago, “at some point you’ve made enough money”.

Obama also said, “Because of money and politics, special interests dominate the debates in Washington in ways that don’t match up with what the board majority of Americans think.” Barry said that the same day his lucrative speech was announced.

He’s redistributing the wealth to himself.

Barry speaks for the entire hypocritical Democrat Party.

All those 1%er’s on Wall Street are funding the Democrat Party, the same party that claims they hate Wall Street. They were the biggest funder of Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s campaigns. Wall Street picked Obama’s cabinet for Pete’s sake.

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