Clinton Foundation Under Investigation


John Solomon at the hill has another breaking news story. The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into the Clinton Foundation and they are looking at pay-to-play and other potentially illegal activities while Hillary was secretary of state.

It is being led by FBI agents in Little Rock Arkansas where the Foundation began as a presidential library.

The investigators are looking at donations and any nexus to favors granted.

A witness interviewed recently said the interview was professional and “unquestionably thorough”. Agents asked about any favorable treatment given to donors.

The Wall Street Journal reported last year that several FBI field offices, including Little Rock, were collecting information on the Clinton Foundation for more than a year.


  1. Comey is implicated in this RICO conspiracy, Comey was bought, he sold his country down the drain,
    Mueller via the Uranium Criminal scam, also sold his country down the drain, and obstructed justice. Take you bronze star into your prison cell with you.

    • Of course, no one involved in these scandals should be investigating anything. That includes anyone involved in the coverups, including Sessions.

  2. We would be fools to believe this story from The Hill, a deep state publication. The criminals are going to investigate themselves? The head of the DOJ has steadfastly stated he will not investigate that.

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