CNN on Hamburg Riots: “An Eclectic Mix of Demonstrators Peacefully Flooded into the Streets”

An eclectic peaceful “protester”

CNN just went down the rabbit hole!

There are not enough adjectives to describe just how very fake CNN’s very fake news is. They just lied about Hamburg, forgetting, I suppose, that we have video and reports from actual journalists.

The riots in Hamburg were not only violent, they were run by anti-Capitalists, communists. CNN saw these dangerous leftists as “an eclectic and international mix of demonstrators” “peacefully” flooding the streets as things “wrapped up”.

The “eclectic mix” were beating up independent journalists, burning cars, injuring officers, and forcing top officials to stay in their hotel rooms. At one point, Melania and Ivanka couldn’t get out of their hotels.

That’s right CNN, that eclectic bunch only injured, according to one report, 196 police officers.

There is no question these “protests” turned violent almost immediately on Thursday with independent journalists fleeing because it was so dangerous.

German police clashed with the hard core of masked anti-capitalist activists [communists] hurling bottles and stones. It ended the way it began.

Officers called with loudspeakers on protestors/rioters to remove their masks but this was ignored and after more objects were thrown.

A group called “Welcome to Hell” blamed capitalism for the strife in the world as they caused strife.

“War, climate change, exploitation are the result of the capitalist system that the G20 stands for and which 20,000 police are here to defend,” rioter Georg Ismail told AFP.

Some proof for those who doubt how awful CNN is


    • shoot just carpet bomb the Terrorist .. help control the stupid population .. I mean we could take out thousands of stupid people in 1 run .. not like the world is short on stupid people !!!

  1. I happened upon one video that seemed to be from a Hamburg TV outlet. Their vantage point was on a high rise roof. They panned over and over in the area with the water cannons. They were doing a pretty thorough job going after the Antifa crowds. Videos from the street were unable to capture what was really going on.

    At one point they panned the camera away from that area where smoke was billowing. The smoke rising looked similar to about a half-dozen air-to-surface missiles had landed. It was that thick and widespread. I assumed this may have been the street where Antifa were breaking out windows and throwing flares into cars, one after another.

    For some time I have contemplated that the various media outlets may eventually start going after each other. Since it’s all about ratings each will attempt to show theirs as being above board. That would make for interesting times.

    • they should have used dye in the water canons to mark these terrorist so they can be processed later for Terrorist Acts !!!

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