Delta Airlines Might Lose $40 Million Tax Break After Trashing NRA Members


Delta Airlines is one of a number of corporations who have decided the five million NRA members can no longer have discounts with them. The Bank of America is even considering boycotting gun manufacturers. This is our Second Amendment we are talking about.

They have the right to do it. Politicians also have the right to deny them their $0 million tax break for jet fuel.

Delta obviously doesn’t believe in 1st and 2nd Amendment rights for Americans who disagree with them on guns. They aren’t entitled to group discounts on their airline.


At the same time, Delta has legislation that permanently eliminates taxes on jet fuel sitting in the Georgia State Senate, after passing the House.


State Senator and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Rick Jeffares is first to speak against it. Jeffares said that the airline eliminated the discount for 100,000 Georgians for political reasons so they must have plenty of money to burn.

“If Delta is so flush that they don’t need NRA members hard-earned travel dollars, they can certainly do without the $40 million tax break they are asking Georgia taxpayers for,” Jeffares said.

The tax break they seek is in House Bill 821, which is currently in the Rules Committee.

Delta responded in a statement claiming cutting discounts reflects their neutral status. It’s not political! They support all kinds of leftist causes and are really big on Marxist diversity, but they want you to believe they aren’t taking sides against the 2nd Amendment.



  1. Screw Delta Airlines! Politicizing their discount program is obviously a method of taking sides in a political issue. It is anything but neutral.

    I live in Georgia. We can use the $40 million to provide security for our schools, or to provide essential services to poverty stricken citizens among us, or to build and maintain infrastructure in rural areas…where a lot of people have no need of flying commercial and certainly no need of being deprived of their share of $40 million in tax revenue.

    SCREW DELTA and all other corporations that punish those who support the NRA!

  2. Sure glad I didn’t buy any stock in this company! The left seems to forget that it is the conservatives that spend lots of money!

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