Director Comey Warns of “Serious Consequences” for Leaks to Giuliani


A few days before the information leaked out that there were thousands of new classified emails found on Deviant Weiner’s computer, former New York City mayor Rudy Giiuliani was on Fox News predicting the Trump campaign had “a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days.”

“We’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve that should turn this thing around,” he added.

Giuliani later said he had no inside information about the Huma-Hillary emails on Weiner’s laptop.

If he did get information, he could have gotten it the same way I did – online – and the leaks were allegedly from the NYPD, not the FBI. That was leaked before Comey said a thing and he was right to tell Senator Feinstein he couldn’t “hide it.”

Giuliani has told Fox hosts that he had sources inside the intelligence agencies but so do the left-wing reporters and talking heads. Almost all the leaks come from the left, very few from the right.

Senator Patrick Leahy, a Socialist, asked Comey about it yesterday during the hearings and Comey said they were investigating and warned of severe consequences.

“I don’t know yet, but if I find out that people were leaking information about our investigations whether to reporters or private parties, there will be severe consequences,” Comey replied.

He’s a real tough guy. Hillary and Huma were leaking national secrets and he didn’t see a problem but if anyone says a thing to Rudy, they’re toast!

I’m confused, what if they didn’t have an malicious intent and were just “extremely careless” like Huma and Hillary were?

By the way, why is one of our former sailors in prison for taking seven pictures inside a nuclear sub (photos he threw out) when no one proved any intent?

Is Comey investigating the leaks to the NY Times, WaPo, CNN and the other outlets that get classified information routinely fed to them? Maybe he did and decided they didn’t intend to do anything wrong.

We’re not saying he shouldn’t look into Rudy’s comments but he sure should be able to find problems with national secrets being leaked, especially when intent was quite clear despite what he says. He makes little sense.


  1. Why no severe consequence for Hillary, but severe consequence for Giuliani?

    the former is liberal the latter is not.

    that is why.

    The left as it is now is a criminal organization. They have way too much power and are way too corrupted. the left is the establishment and they control almost everything and everyone.

  2. I just found out Comey said they found new classified emails from Hillary on Weiner’s laptops and they are not duplicates of the emails we already knew about, they are new/different emails.

    and I also just saw this,

    The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released almost 900 new emails from a Huma Abedin email account on Tuesday, which the group said offer more proof that Hillary Clinton sent and received classified information through her unsecured home server when she was secretary of state. Abedin was a long-time top aide to Clinton.

    Judicial Watch obtained the emails with a Freedom of Information Act request that also required a follow-up lawsuit in 2015 after the State Department failed to produce any records.

    If with all this Comey can not find any reason to find Hillary guilty of something, then he is part of the criminal organization that is the liberal/left.

    and the fact this is not front page news is evidence the main stream media is part of/ is an accomplice of the criminal liberal/left.

  3. Huma’s family has Muslim Brotherhood connections, she may have been funneling information to them through family computers. But, Comey does not care, he has been covering for the Clintons a long time.

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