No, Comey’s Letter Did Not Hurt Hillary’s Election Chances


Jim Comey’s letter did not prevent Hillary Clinton from winning. It didn’t even hurt. Two days before the election, Jim Comey gave Hillary a full pass on 6,000 new classified documents found on a deviant’s computer. He exonerated her – again. If anything he helped her because the information about the discovery leaked out before he addressed it.

Leaks of more emails found on her computer were reported here before Comey said a word. The leaks were everywhere and, as Comey said yesterday, he couldn’t hide it. Instead, he exonerated her in record time, possibly because he felt “mildly nauseous” to think news of Clinton emails might have influenced the election.

If anything, he helped her.

She lost to the unpopular candidate, the star of The Apprentice, because people didn’t like or trust her, because she was arrogant and disdainful of the common man she claimed to champion.

Clinton boasted of wanting to fire all the coal workers, she called voters who didn’t like her “deplorable”, and when Trump was out campaigning, she was sleeping or meeting with handfuls of people because she couldn’t fill a room.

Her failures as secretary of state, her chronic lying, and her message were some of the reasons she failed. People looking for wage increases or even jobs didn’t see hope in her messaging about gender fluid bathrooms, BlackLivesMatter, or open borders.

Hello, it’s the server stupid!

Even Axelrod addressed her excuses with honesty. Hillary needs to go away.

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