Explosive! DC Is Blocking the Investigation Into Clinton’s Uranium One Deal


Fox News’ Lou Dobbs spoke with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer Friday evening about the Uranium One scandal which involves many in the Deep State criminal syndicate. The interviews below are mind-blowing and expose the depth of the scandal.

So far, DoJ chief Jeff Sessions has not shown any sign of lifting a gag order on a witness to the corruption that should have squashed the deal. This is despite a request from Senator Grassley as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The witness was threatened into silence under the Obama administration and nothing has changed yet.

As Peter Schweizer said, the Justice Department was either incompetent or something more nefarious was going on. It “reeks of cover up”, Schweizer said.

Schweizer broke the Uranium One story which was followed up by a New York Times exposé that backed up and expanded on Schweizer’s investigation.

This Uranium One scandal is very explosive and what they are finding out now involves criminality by our leaders and remains a threat to our national security.

The Uranium deal prohibited the Russians from sending the Uranium out of the country. The New York Times has broken the story that our U.S. Uranium has indeed been sent out of the U.S. by Russia and we don’t know where it went.

We are not sure exactly what Schweizer is referring to but we do know that in 2015, The NY Times reported Uranium was being shipped from our mine to Canada. The Times reported that they thought it was being returned to the U.S. – insofar as they knew. There might be more recent information but this really needs to be investigated immediately.

This is the paragraph from the Times:

Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license. Instead, the transport company doing the shipping, RSB Logistic Services, has the license. A commission spokesman said that “to the best of our knowledge” most of the uranium sent to Canada for processing was returned for use in the United States. A Uranium One spokeswoman, Donna Wichers, said 25 percent had gone to Western Europe and Japan.

Is anyone minding the store?

In the Dobbs’ segment, Lou said:

“There is no clear statement as to why we would give up, for any reason, any price, 20% of our Uranium in this country. And that is a question that is left open still unanswered. and secondly, have you ever heard of anyone putting $145 million, at one moment, into the hands of the Clinton foundation? And the answer is, of course not. These questions most basic and fundamental, were armed by the very committee made up of the very agencies, departments, and individuals responsible for national security. this, this is the biggest Obama scandal. I think it may well turn out to be the biggest scandal in American political history.”

Nine of the shareholders in the Uranium deal decided to suddenly donate a fortune to The Clinton Foundation.  The donations were never declared publicly as required under law.

Lift the gag order!

Read more here at the hill


    • Sessions has chosen to end his career in a major ethical/corruption scandal. He deserves his lost reputation.

  1. I tell people that this scandal is in black & white, it is undeniable and huge. Their position on this is an indicator of right versus wrong. This happened 6 years ago. Republicans knew about this so are also involved in the coverup.

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