Pass the Popcorn! Kathy Griffin in Bottom Feeder Brawl with Lisa Bloom


Two bottom feeders are publicly battling. Kathy Griffin has been trashing Lisa Bloom on Twitter and elsewhere with Bloom responding.

Comedian Kathy Griffin starred in a photo shoot last year holding the bloody, decapitated head of Donald Trump which got her fired from all of her gigs. She then hired attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of shady lawyer Gloria Allred, to represent her.

Bloom then made, or tried to make, Griffin the victim. Griffin went along with it or, according to Bloom ad libbed on her own, crying to the cameras about how Trump “broke her” and “destroyed her”. She never meant to hurt anyone and so many people during her shows tell her they are “scared” [of Trump], she whined.

During one presser, she also used the “old white men” defense as Bloom smiled at her charge. You can hear her on this video clip. Her pressers have all been widely mocked.

As usual with the leftists, it’s not their fault.

Bloom responded.

You can read more about their feud at The Daily Beast.

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