FBI Knew Lee Harvey Oswald Met with a KGB Assassin October, 1963


The Daily Mail UK reported that Lee Harvey Oswald met a senior KGB agent in the 13th dEpartment known for assassinations less than two months before the assassination of John F Kennedy. This was revealed in the documents released last evening.

Oswald met with Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov in Mexico City’s Soviet embassy October 1, 1963. The president was shot and killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

The U.S. found out about the meeting when they intercepted a phone call to the Soviet Embassy.

A document shows the FBI knew of the meeting on October 1, 1963. President Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963.

Why wasn’t the FBI all over this guy?

What we will likely find out from the files is that the U.S. dropped the ball, but we could also find that Russia was involved.

Another memo claimed the Soviets believed the ultra-right in the U.S. killed JFK. There was no evidence of that. The opposite was true. That tale was spun in the early 1960s and some believed it was to take the heat off the hard-left, which is what Oswald was. He had at one point lived in Russia and took home a Russian bride.

CBS reported that the President was told to delay the release of the remaining documents until every file was certified ‘publishable,’ or risk national security by releasing unevaluated, unredacted files. This is absurd on the face of it. What document from 1963 could still be a threat to national security?

This is the most telling of the documents.



  1. This cannot be true. There are numerous indicators that Oswald is innocent. The important point here is that Oswald’s supposed trip to Mexico is old news which has been discredited. The recordings and films of “Oswald” visiting the Soviet and Cuban embassies in Mexico are not Oswald. It’s an older, heavier man with a different voice. Let’s hear the recording! The FBI covered up this murder from the start. The Warren Commission hid the info on the fake Oswald since it showed that there was an effort to frame Oswald as a leftist. This note is merely part of the planting of info to make Oswald appear to be a leftist. Peel off this layer.

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