FBI Warned of a Nikolas Cruz Commenting He’d Be a “School Shooter”

Nikolas Cruz 19 years

Nikolas Cruz was the sociopathic, soulless killer of 17 children in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He wounded 15 others. There were plenty of warnings. He needed to be committed to an institution where he could get help.

Before his spree killings in the Parkland, Florida school, he pulled the fire alarm “so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms into the hall,” during the shooting, Senator Nelson said.

Cruz managed to escape by blending in with escaping students. He was identified on surveillance cameras and later captured not far from the school.


BuzzFeed reported that a YouTube vlogger named Ben Bennight, age 36, found a disturbing comment on one of his videos last September. “I’m going to be a professional school shooter,” said a user named Nikolas Cruz. Bennight contacted police who responded immediately.  It might be the same Nikolas Cruz because police have contacted him again.

However, FBI officials have not confirmed it was him. A special FBI agent did leave a message on Bennight’s phone and later visited him.


Students described him as “that weird kid in school” and many said he was likely to one day shoot up the school.

Cruz was adopted at birth by an older couple. His father died 13 years ago and his mother died in November, the Sun Sentinel reported. He was living with a friend’s family.

Last year, he was ID’d by a teacher as a threat to the school and was banned from the school carrying a backpack.

Cruz had been expelled from two schools prior to being expelled from this one.

His half-brother said he could hear him loading and unloading his gun all night long, Fox & Friends first reported Thursday. Students in the school say he always had guns on him.

Last year, according to a student, Victoria Olivera, he was abusive to his ex-girlfriend. He was expelled for fighting with her new boyfriend, the Associated Press reported.

A student at the alternative school was interviewed Wednesday and said Cruz was obsessed with guns.

“He shot guns because he felt that it gave him an exhilarating feeling,” the student said on WSVN-7 News. “He showed me personally through his phone.”

“I didn’t want to cause any conflict with him because that’s the impression he gave off,” the student continued.

The student described him as “quiet and strange…never associating with anybody”.

A former friend named Dakota Mutchler, age 17, said he had to cut him off when he started abusing his friend. He grew weirder and weirder, he said.

A friend of his mother’s – Lynda Cruz – said she had behavioral problems with him for years. She would occasionally have police come to his home to speak with him, hoping to scare him.


His social media posts were alarming, beyond his potential comment on YouTube. He was anti-Muslim and he was described by fellow students as racist. He was also following violent resistance groups out of Syria and Iraq.

About nine months ago, he said he was going to kill law enforcement officials “one day” because they “go after the good people,” CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin said.

On his Instagram, he commented that he wished “to kill as many as I can.”

I captured some of his social media posts and published them on this link.

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18


  1. How could he be both “anti Muslim” and “following violent resistance groups out of Syria and Iraq,” which are of course made up of Muslims? He quoted several Muslim chants on his Instagram. This story isn’t mentioning that. You are obviously trying to hide his Muslim influence and lying about it too because what proof is there that he’s anti Muslim? It says he’s racist but against what race? He’s evidently of latin origin himself. This story is fishy.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I would never cover up a radical affiliation like that. I should have explained. I read all of the Instagram comments but didn’t get screenshots of all of them, It was being erased as I took screengrabs. That being said, I read them all. He was interested in killing Muslims. He wrote in comments to himself that he wanted to kill ISIS. His comments were filled with hate, rage and homicidal thoughts. He is just an awful and confused person.

      He isn’t Latin by birth. He was adopted.

  2. Do you suspect his “Latin origin” because of his name. Evidently he was “adopted”.

    I was struck by the last statement made by the sheriff. His remarks about having a person sent to a mental facility when some indicator arises. I sure hope, “out of safety”, that we don’t begin to incarcerate people in mental facilities for just any troubles. Too often societies go to extreme measures to solve particular issues.

  3. The entire nation should be condemning the FBI. Meanwhile loudmouth Gowdy will hold a hearing on the Portman domestic dispute. There will be no hearing on this FBI blunder. Sessions will say/do nothing about this.

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