Sens Graham, McCain Block Trump’s First Pick Over Amnesty


John McCain and Lindsey Graham in a tete a tete.Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain blocked President-elect Donald Trump’s first pick for Secretary of Homeland Security Kris Kobach over his strict opposition to amnesty, reports Got News.

Two Senators Who Think They’re President

According to Got News sources, Trump’s first pick was not General John Kelly, his current nominee, but Graham and McCain promised to block Kobach.

Kobach wants the border wall quickly and it has become obvious many Republicans hope to slow it down so they can eventually kill the idea.  Kobach is opposed to amnesty and wants to deport a record number of illegal aliens. He has plans for ending election fraud as well.

Got News sources also said Kobach could become Trump’s immigration czar.

Chuck Johnson, the editor of Got News has reported prior to this that Trump says endorsing John McCain for re-election to the Senate was his “biggest regret”. Unfortunately, a Democrat in the Arizona senate would not have been a better choice, but McCain will be a thorn in his side.

It’s no secret that McCain and Graham are more Democrat than Republican. They want a full, blanket amnesty for the many millions of illegal aliens in the country who will be mostly Democrats. These are people who need to be vetted before amnesty is given.

They are also too eager to go to war everywhere and neither of the two, McCain and his lapdog Graham, are accurate in their assessments most of the time. McCain was right about the surge but that’s it.

Check out Got News for more information on this story. The accuracy of the publication is high, perhaps perfect since I haven’t found them to be wrong.

This information also came out on The Josh Bernstein show three days ago.

The Bernstein video below is interesting. At the end, he gives phone numbers and twitter connections for McCain and Graham.



  1. These two Guys have way over stayed their term limit if there was one dinesours should be replaced out with the old in with the new give fresh blood a chance we see what the been there to long dud

  2. Stan Graham and Ollie McCain in “Sons of the Senate”.
    “The Boys” get into mischief on the Senate floor.
    “Well we sure fixed that Kobach nomination, didn’t we Ollie?”
    “We certainly did Stanley. And we’ll tell our wives that we were late for dinner because we got held up in budget negotiations. They’ll never know!”
    “Ollie, what’s that thing over there in the corner?”
    “Why it’s as plain as the ear on your face. That’s a C-SPAN camera.”
    Both” A C-SPAN CAMERA?!!”
    “Oooooooh! Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”

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