Hater Who Assassinated Officer Familia Put Vulgar, Anti-Police Rants on Facebook Live


NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, a devoted mother of three, was assassinated by a criminal who recently spent years in prison for robbery. The murderer was out on parole because we keep letting these losers out. He had already attacked an officer with brass knuckles.

He can be seen on Facebook live ranting in the most vulgar, anti-police terms.


A source for The New York Daily News said that Bonds has up to six different aliases.  The source also told the newspaper that Bonds was arrested for assaulting a police officer with brass knuckles.

The NY Daily News also reported that he posted a vulgar anti-police rant on Facebook live. “Police is f—-ts, and this ain’t no gimmick,” Bonds said in an 11-minute Facebook Live video.

Isn’t it time to stop the hate cops lies? It only encourages these fringe lunatics and criminals who would naturally hate people who catch and arrest them.


A neighbor said she took care of her elderly mom and was devoted to her children. She spent five years as a nurse at New York University Hospital, and another two working for the American Red Cross, the NY Daily News reported.

She changed careers in June 2005, spending the last 12 years of her life keeping New York City safe as a well-regarded member of the police department.

Familia was also a member of the NYPD’s Dominican Officers Association, where president Raysa Galvez She was always overextending herself to people. Always willing to help. Just look at her face. She was humble. That’s who she is.” her as a role model who never turned her back on anyone in need.

“There is not one single negative thing that anyone can say about her,” said Galvez. “That’s not because of her death — that’s just her nature.


Officer Familia was murdered in the Bronx early Wednesday morning. Forty-eight-year-old Miosotis was sitting in the passenger seat of a police vehicle with her partner at around 12:30 a.m. when Alexander Bonds, 34, allegedly walked up to her window and shot her once in the head before running away.

Familia’s partner called for help, and two other officers caught up with Bonds about a block from the scene of the attack. Bonds was shot dead by police after he drew his revolver.

At least the shooter, Bonds, is dead, sparing her loved ones a trial.


  1. Right…try some accountability. When its VERY clear there are two sets of rules people disregard them all..this is murder and the dude should face the chair, but you will have more lunatics and evil people doing this because of the daily train of EVIDENCE of police misconduct…and its not the misconduct, its how all of them lie for each other no matter what.

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