It’s Very Likely CNN Blackmailed the Wrong WWE Trump Video Creator


It seems CNN can’t even blackmail well when they’re making up fake news.

The person who CNN hunted down and blackmailed over the WWE Trump video was not the originator of the meme/gif President Trump tweeted. CNN couldn’t even blackmail the right person it seems. They’re amateurs.

HanA**holeSolo, who took credit for the video and then repented after being threatened by CNN, was the originator of a gif that might have been the idea for the final meme but it wasn’t the same one. Han, by the way, says he’s allegedly a teenager. CNN reports that it was an adult male, not a kid.

Han published the first WWE meme, but there was a different CNN logo on it. Someone re-staged it or used an entirely different one. There is a third person out there who should stay in hiding. CNN will try to destroy the person.

Just because Han took credit doesn’t mean he did it. In fact, he didn’t, at least not the one Trump used.

Buzzfeed brought that up and, if correct, CNN went after the wrong guy or gal.

The GIF used by the president and reddit user HanAssholeSolo are similar, but there are differences, as BuzzFeed pointed out. The Han gif does not have audio while the Trump tweet does. Han’s meme was also shorter than the one the President used.

There’s also a difference in that Han’s came from the original taping and the Trump video came from somewhere else.

Han’s gif loops, Trump’s does not.

Buzzfeed believes the Trump tweet came from Facebook, not reddit. We won’t repeat that aspect of the story because it’s simply speculation.

This is something we knew but it’s only getting mentioned because of Buzzfeed. We saw Han taking credit for it on reddit but rejected it for the same reasons Buzzfeed has.

Han also mentioned that the meme was re-staged. Actually, it was likely a totally different originator who might have gotten the idea from reddit.

Buzzfeed thinks it came from a mock far-right Facebook page that scrapes the 4Chan site, but they would as Trump- haters. We will wait for more evidence.

The CNN writer Andrew Kaczynski did originally note the differences between he two videos and couldn’t find a different version, according to CNN’s original report.

If CNN knew the differences existed and didn’t even bother to kill the story or keep researching the idiotic story, why did they publish it? Will there be an apology? Will more heads roll on CNN’s fake news sacrificial sword?

Han shared the gif last Wednesday. Someone took it or a different version of the WWE joke video, added audio and the CNN logo. The President tweeted it on Sunday. Han then foolishly took credit, not knowing he’d have his First Amendment rights taken away for nothing by CNN.

Han, for his part, is a TEENAGER according to him, he’s a 15-year old.

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