Hillary Clinton Declares Victory in France!


Hillary Clinton lost twice in the U.S. presidential elections, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make Macron’s victory about her.

She seems a bit perturbed that he won and she didn’t because she thinks Russian hacking cost her the election but it didn’t cost him.

Macron was hacked prior to the election and it was alleged the Russians did it.

She suggested in a tweet that he defeated the Russians though there is zero evidence Russians hacked Macron.

Last week, during an interview with Christiane Amanpour, Hillary said, “I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me and got scared off.” It’s not the content of the Wikileaks dump, it’s that they did it.

That last comment about the media saying she can’t talk about it was a dig at the very people who protected her throughout. They couldn’t help it if she was an impossibly bad candidate. Hillary was angry that the media posted the Wikileaks emails, not because they were fake, they weren’t, but because we all found out what she and her team were up to.


  1. It is the opposite of a victory for France because Macron will open the flood gates to millions of muslim immigrants and refugees, this will accelerate the ongoing islamization of France and I say in roughly 30 years France will have a muslim president and soon after will be under sharia law.

    Macron’s election is a victory for islam…Just like giving citizenship to 20 million mexicans would be a victory for mexicans and not a victory for the USA.

    I do not know if people like Hillary are paid to lie but actually know the truth or if they are too mentally deranged to see reality, but with all we know today about muslims, one has either to be insane or to be paid to lie to pretend we are not being islamized and to pretend leftist parties are not helping muslim invade us.

    Liberal/leftist parties are no longer working for us they are working for immigrants/refugees.

    Everytime a liberal party wins, western civilization and white people lose.

    I am sad for France…not only because my first language is French and although I have no documented proof, some of my ancestors were French, but because it is sad to watch a nation going trough what I would call self mutilation……England. Germany are doing the same so are most western nations including Canada…it is self mutilation, a slow suicide to invite what I would call ” an invasive species” for lack of a better expression.

    • I’m very sad to see it also. For Macron to say there is no French culture – that should have ended his prospects.

      • Our Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said pretty much the same thing about Canada a couple years ago, that we have no culture or no values or something like that.

        Yes that sort of comment should hurt them, but as you well know, in this crazy day and age, the main stream media is paid by the left to hide such comments from the public, to protect liberals…and the main stream media is paid ( in brown enveloppes full of cash under the table ) to fabricate scandals about anyone on the right or what they call the ” far right” even when referring to moderate conservatives.

        The media is more to blame than the left is for the crazy things around us.

        If the media informed people on what the left really is about, much less people would vote for crazy liberals such as Obama, Hillary, Trudeau or Macron.

        The media is the main “force” it is what makes the left so powerful.

        yes the left is crazy but it would not be able to do so much damage if they were not protected by the main stream media.

        I often say jokingly ; when the revolution starts, the first thing you must take down is the main stream media.

        the main stream media are the flying monkeys of the witch that the left is.

        the second the left is in trouble the main stream media journalists appear in large numbers like its D-day in Normandy ! they fiercly defend anyone on the left and attack savagely anyone on the right.

        the media as it is now should be destroyed.

        it is more than hurting democracy, the main stream media as it is now is an abomination!

        Almost nothing they say is true!

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