If McConnell Wants a Super Majority, Here are 2 Simple Moves


Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has had a very rough 2017. So far, he’s produced none of the legislation that have, for years been promised to GOP voters. His poll numbers are in the tank, not only nationally, but in his home state of Kentucky.

But, thanks to Socialist Bernie Sanders, Democrat senators have offered Mitch a huge gift. Marxist Bernie, now the proud owner of 3 private homes, introduced a “single payer” bill and a bunch of his high profile, look-at-me for prez colleagues signed on.

The latest canary in the collectivist coalmine who’s too cowardly to defy Sanders’ pull, is none other than the ultimate faux moderate, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. That a fellow from a state President Trump won by 42 points, won’t completely dismiss Bernie’s rush to federal financial ruin, should make him “Exhibit A” in the case against anyone from a Red State picking Sanders over the president.

To that end, there are 2 simple, very smart political moves Leader McConnell can make that will put vulnerable Democrats running in 2018 in an extremely difficult position.

  • Begin a full scale media campaign exposing the under reported facts about this Ponzi plan. It would cost upwards of $25 trillion over the next decade, raise taxes through the roof, add at least $14 trillion to the national debt, drive all into a government run health system, and perhaps most stunningly, force everyone out of their employer provided health coverage. Mitch can find easy courage in a NBC/WSJ poll that explains “The public is divided over a single-payer health care system, with 47 percent favoring such an approach and 46 percent opposing it.” But when supporters are told….all health care costs would be covered under a single-payer system — but….it would eliminate employer plans and….there would be only one government plan — the numbers move to 36 percent favor, 55 percent oppose.” BINGO!
  • Send the Sanders legislation to the Congressional Budget Office for review, then upon receiving what is sure to be some devastating scoring, introduce the bill for a full Senate vote. Sen. Steve Daines, R-Montana set the template for something like this in July when he sponsored a single-payer proposal with the intent of putting Democrats on the record. Forty-three of 48 voted “present” while 4, including Manchin, voted “No”. SURPRISE! NOT.

This one-two punch, properly executed, would leave Dems virtually no wiggle room on “Yea” or “Nay” and that might provoke a lot tortured explanations to unhappy constituents back home. The strategy could also lead to both threatened and actual primaries as extremists “feeling the Bern” go hard after any senators not fully supporting Sanders’ bill.

In 2018 Democrats will have to defend 25 seats, 10 in states won by Trump, some won by double digits. Can you imagine how that disadvantage could be compounded if a dozen or so senators had to choose between voting against Trump and losing his extremely loyal base, or dissing Bernie and getting primaried?

It seems like an easy a win/win for McConnell, possibly resulting in a Senate super majority for his fellow Republicans. That is if that’s something he really wants. A shame we’d have to even ask that question. We know what the answer would be if Minority Leader Chucky Schumer was holding cards like these.





  1. McConnell had a rough year because he is a betrayer of his voters and party. There’s no chance that the liberal McConnell is going to use political moves to embarrass democrats. If he gets a super majority it will be due to conservative voters who he will then betray. The best discussion of a McConnell strategy is how/when to get rid of him.

  2. Of course what you write above makes total sense…

    …which is why it is a SURE BET that political prostitutes like Sen. McChinless and that herd of eunuch RINOs he “leads” WON’T do it.

    I agree with V.Lombardi above: McChinless won’t embarrass the Democrats because, despite his completely phony protestations to the contrary, HE COMPLETELY AGREES WITH THE DEMOCRATS on Healthcare… as do the Crony Corporatists who OWN HIM LOCK, STOCK and PORK BARREL.

    We don’t need the type of “super-majority” that the corrupt RINOs drool over in order to make their profitable ride on the Washington gravy train even MORE lucrative and permanent than it already is.

    We need to PURGE these HACKS and replace them with Constitutional Conservatives who will advance the Cause of Limited Government… NOT CONTINUALLY BETRAY IT.

  3. Perhaps the seemingly endless funds from The Clinton Crime Foundation and the George Soros “Undermine the USA” coffers are being laundered in some way and deposited in offshore accounts of the RINOs and Democrats who pretend to serve the interests of their constituents. Which one of the sleazy bastards that are currently entrenched in our government would not sell his mother’s soul for a couple of million tax free dollars?

    Money talks!

  4. Excellent idea Jim! This would really put politicians between a rock and a hard place! Republicans would need to advertise that those with a great Union Plan or an employer plan would be put on single payer! A friend who recently turned 65, had to switch from his Union Plan to Medicare. He complained about what a garbage plan Medicare is, and how great his Town Union Plan was. That would sure get out those Union workers out to vote, many unions have Cadillac Plans; single payer would sure be a major let down!

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