Sharyl Attkisson Has Evidence Obama Admin Were on Her Property, In Her Family’s Computers


Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who currently works for Sinclair Broadcasting, told Bill O’Reilly Thursday that for her the latest revelations about Paul Manafort and others being spied on by the government vindicated President Trump on his wiretapping claim. In fact, at least a half-dozen others close to the President were spied on.

Mrs. Attkisson was one of the many people targeted by the Obama administration for surveillance.

Her personal computer and CBS laptop were hacked after she began filing stories about Benghazi, Green Energy, Fast & Furious, et al that were unflattering to the Obama administration. Attkisson wrote a New York Times bestseller documenting this called ‘Stonewalled’.

On Wednesday, Attkisson wrote an Op-Ed for The Hill titled, “It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me” in response to the CNN report that Obama’s FBI indeed wiretapped Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Attkisson told Bill that CNN, NY Times and others say at least a half-dozen officials close to Trump were wire-tapped. There appears to be political targeting, weaponization of intel.

They also discussed Clapper’s apparent lies.

She is suing the government for invasion of privacy and violation of freedom of the press. The feds were even into her husband’s and daughter’s computers. They were on her property. She has forensic evidence.

This is a very big story.

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