Iraqi Gunman Opens Fire in a German Nightclub, Police Search for Motive

Grey nightclub, it was probably student night.

A 34-year old Iraqi gunman burst into Grey nightclub in the German city of Konstanz and opened fire with a machine gun. The gunman was put out of action by special forces within minutes but not before several were seriously hurt or killed and a police officer was shot.

It is being reported that two are dead and three were seriously hurt.

Police have said that the shooter’s motive is not yet known and it is not clear if he acted alone or with accomplices. There are no indications of a terrorist background, police said. It might have been a personal dispute they added.

Police said they “do not assume a terrorist background”.

He was “known” to police.


  1. Singing from the predictably familiar PC song book. Hoping that when they finally get around to confirming what most everyone already knows, people will have “moved on”.

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