Journalist Heather Unruh Says Kevin Spacey “Assaulted a Loved One”


Actor Kevin Spacey, the Hugo Chavez associate and supporter, is under the same microscope as Harvey Weinstein after journalist and filmmaker Heather Unruh tweeted that she was a “Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one”. She seems to be talking about a loved one of hers.

The Sun, a British tabloid referenced the claim being made by Ms. Unruh. They wrote that they weren’t naming the A-lister [Spacey] for legal reasons but Ms. Unruh says it’s Kevin Spacey. Their reference:

In a reference to Weinstein, she [Ms. Unruh] said on social media it was “time the dominoes fell”. We are not naming the star or his accuser for legal reasons.

But an insider said: “Rumours about this actor have circulated for years. [Rumors have been spread by a trashy publication, Gawker.]

“Lots of people are making allegations after what’s happened with Weinstein.

“But no alleged victim of this particular man has spoken publicly as yet.”

Ms. Unruh’s tweets are to “encourage a badly needed investigation and conversation”.

LiveJournal reported: Rumors about Spacey have been going on for years. He has been known to frequent director Bryan Singer’s parties (including pics of him spanking a male stripper splayed across his lap) and the two are known to be close friends.

Bryan Singer shows up in this movie at about 49:00.