Diversity, Leftist Style: Horned ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Little Children


Omar Navarro, the congressional candidate who hopes to defeat Maxine Waters in 2018, posted tweets referencing “Drag Queen Story Hour” with a link to a CBS local station in Long Beach California.

The story hour, currently being expanded throughout the county’s libraries, includes a demonic drag queen and the children being read to are very young.

In the video, one representative for the group said parents want this “diversity” but some might say it’s indoctrination of very young children, not diversity. It is very confusing to introduce drag queens to very small children who haven’t yet discovered what it means to be a boy or a girl.

Listen to the video below. The drag queen asks the children if they would like to be a drag queen when they grow up. The children laugh.

Demonic drag queens seem strange.

Gender fluidity, which is a theme in this video, is not real, there are two genders, and a mass delusion is being created around it to make it reality.

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