Liberals/Leftists Infuriated Trump Is Giving $1 Million to Hurricane Victims


President Trump announced that he will pledge $1 million of his personal funds to a Hurricane Harvey relief fund. In a normal world, he would be complimented for it.

He works for free and goes above and beyond but even this gift is cause for the liberals and leftists to attack him. The President is a true American and our corrupt media and lowlifes on Twitter are often not.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced it at a presser but didn’t know which charity it would go to. The President asked if the reporters had suggestions.

CNN saw it as an opportunity to ask if it was coming from his personal account or the Trump Foundation. Sanders assured CNN it would be his personal funds which CNN described as coming from his “fortune”.

CNN then dove into a commentary about unproven and disproven allegations that Trump is alleged to have not followed through on contributions in the past. “Alleged” being the operative word here. CNN wrote:

Trump has come under scrutiny in the past for charitable donations, including allegations he often didn’t follow through on promised contributions after announcing them publicly. A promised donation to veterans’ groups during last year’s presidential campaign didn’t materialize until months later, after questions from reporters.

They then wrote about how generous Barack Obama was.

The NY Times used the opportunity to talk about how Trump donates so much less than his ultra wealthy peers.

The Washington Post wrote: Before taking office, Trump, a real estate baron and television personality, had a history of overstating his charitable giving and taking credit for donations that came from other sources…

The Soros-Brock Media Matters attack machine, ShareBlue, has weighed in and is being sent all over the Twitterverse.

The sewer that is Twitter lashed out.


  1. There is a distinct difference between “net worth” and “liquid assets”. Many who are very wealthy have that wealth tied up. So, that has to be considered.

    Considering the vastness of this disaster we should require and use shame until the GAFA gang shell out tens of their billions to this relief.

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