Lt. Col. Shaffer Says Las Vegas Is Shaping Up to Look Like an Act of Terror, Perhaps Political


Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo seems like a straight arrow and has been very forthcoming with information, which is why people were perplexed when the FBI came out quickly to say they were not looking at the Vegas massacre as an act of terror.

There is no possible way they could know that only 12 hours into the case.

This evening, the Sheriff said he wants to know if this was an act of terror and he now says the killer’s girlfriend is a person of interest who they are trying to get back to the States.

She was or is in the Philippines, currently a hotbed for terror. Some reports said she flew to Hong Kong but that is not verified [Catherine Herridge of Fox News said she is in Japan]. Shortly before the attack, the killer wired about $100,000 to the Philippines. Authorities want to know who received that money. Perhaps it was the girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Danley is an Australian citizen of Indonesian descent according to some reports.

A number of people including people in the media, have pointed out that country music fans are predominately Republican. At least that is the perception. A CNN reporter said exactly that yesterday and a CBS Vice President was fired for saying she wasn’t “sympathetic” to the victims because they are probably “Repugs” and “gun toters”.

The country music event provides a political motive.

Lt. Col. Shaffer told Fox News host Martha MacCallum this evening that it’s shaping up to be a very deliberate act of terror. He explained it’s a politically selected target, at least it’s the perception of many. Pointing out the killer’s age and similarity to the Rep. Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson, Paddock might well have believed “this was a legitimate target for political expression”.

The Lt. Col. believes that the reason Hodgkinson did what he did and the reason Paddock did what he did was because the left has made violence as a valid “use and extension of political speech”.

It is a feature of “desensitization of the left”.

Martha MacCallum asked about the fact that ISIS keeps taking credit for the assault. Shaffer responded that the Sheriff today said they were looking for “radicalization”. He too was confused by the FBI coming out quickly to say it wasn’t an act of terror.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Weiner told Fox News hosts Tuesday that he believes the crime was intended to hit political targets to send a message. Country music fans are perceived to be Republicans, gun owners, and people generally held in contempt by the media.

As he said, this was an older man’s spectacle crime, a stranger mass shooting. The killer might have been instigated to kill targets who have no value. Republicans, gun owners, Trump supporters have been dehumanized and demonized by the media.

Killing as many complete strangers as possible is a crime of dehumanization meant to stir conversation for a particular cause.

“My point is a spectacle is either designed to cause some derivative impact or to instigate some cause discussion,” the psychiatrist said.

“His mindset is that they deserve to die,” said Welner, referring to the shooter, “So a person who adopts a cause may be otherwise law abiding but he feels righteously justified that the end justifies the means – so we’re talking now about gun control because he committed an over the top gun crime,” he added, suggesting that Paddock was “instigating a means to end with people you’ve dehumanized.”

His theory doesn’t account for the shooter’s wife or the money that went to the Philippines however.


  1. Any FBI official who declared just hours after the shooting it was not terror related should IMMEDIATELY fired. We can comfortably believe them to be the same Obama holdovers who took DAYS to admit the San Bernadino shootings was Islamic terror. Hell, we knew that the first day.

  2. Difficult for me to believe that this act was committed by a lone wolf. I will be surprised if that is the final result. I can understand for panic control for that to be the official statement at this time, but there is just too much to counter that view.

  3. Once I learned the man had FORTY TWO weapons I was astonished how he could amass such an arsenal. It was my impression any multiple arms purchases would immediately alert Federal authorities and incur some serious monitoring of such an individual.

    It is now revealed there were 47 weapons in total purchased in Nevada, Utah, California and Texas, along with 12 bump-fire stocks.

    In the past I had always considered search for a motive by a dead suspect was pointless. But considering the number of mass shootings the search for motives is highly important and overwhelms any suggestions of entertaining gun legislation. If we do not learn what drives any individual to commit these acts then we diminish those who lost their lives.

  4. Not only did Stephen Paddock capture the chaos inside his Mandalay Bay hotel suite on video, but now FBI officials are looking to see where he streamed the live footage.

    FBI sources said the Mandalay Bay shooter may have used the hotel’s WiFi or hard-wired internet backbone to stream the footage offshore.

    FBI sources would not divulge what international locations they are targeting.

    Paddock has been linked to wiring hefty amounts of US funds to the Philippines, Australia and possibly the Middle East, federal law enforcement sources said.

    Paddock used excessive Mandalay-Bay internet bandwidth during his multiple-day stay in the resort’s suite, FBI sources confirmed.

    FBI sources said they also confiscated Paddock’s captured video feeds as part of evidence after the shooter apparently committed suicide.

  5. What utter nonsense. Until they can trace the $100, 000 to a terrorist outlet we are in the dark. The man was a wealthy accountant, he sure did not do this for money. Media fanaticism against POTUS Trump is pervasive. I hope this insanity slows it down for the insane Left.

  6. For what this is worth,

    when the muslim shouting “alah is great” murdered 14 people at fort hood, it took several months for the Obama administration to admit it was terror ( or did they really? I think they still called it work violence but only alluded vaguely to terrorism )

    and a couple days ago a MUSLIM REFUGEE from somalia in Edmonton Canada attacked people with his truck then stabbed another person, and guess what? they are NOT charging him with terrorism!!! Nope they are saying it is NOT terrorism!!!

    Crazy !!!

    so when authorities say it is not terrorism…we all know the authorities are LYING at least half the time.

    and the longer it takes for the police and media to tell us, the more it means they are trying to not say certain things…ahd Paddock been wearing a make america great t shirt and a Trump hat, this would have been the first thing on the news and would be on high rotation non stop for about 2 weeks

    the fact they all pretend they know nothing of Paddock’s motive tells me he is either a liberal and /or a muslim sympathiser…

    I could be wrong, but I would say odds are about 90 % that I am right

  7. My favorite part of the FOX News interview was when Dr. Welner said that CNN contributes to mass shootings by how they demonize gun enthusiasts. He laid the blame right at the feet of CNN. What an scathing indictment of how CNN skews the news!

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