“Mass Acid Attack” In London, At Least 6 Seriously Injured – Live Video


There are reports of a “mass acid attack” in Stratford Station and shopping center, East London. One man has been arrested but his name hasn’t been released. Reports say a “gang of thugs” attacked innocent people, perhaps six, in different locations. Police say it is not being treated as a terror incident.

Police treating victims at the Center

The Independent reports:

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed its officers were called to an “acid incident” in Stratford, east London.

Its officers were called to Stratford Shopping Centre at about 8pm, a spokesman told The Independent.

The force said a “group of males” were reported spraying “what is believed to be a noxious substance” and six people were injured in a number of locations.

The person has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm, the report said. Other reports say people are “seriously” injured.


  1. The local government can deny all day long that this is attributable to terrorism, but that will not change the fact that RADICAL MUSLIM ‘refugees’ are responsible. Their STUPID policies let these worthless bastards into to country.

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