New York Ed Department Promotes a Lesson Plan Sympathizing with Islamic Suicide Bombers


The Blaze reported this story about a lesson plan promoting suicide bombers on April 12 and updated it today. Neither the teacher who developed the plan nor New York State Education Department has responded to emails from the Blaze requesting information about the plan.

The lesson plan, until two weeks ago, was promoted on PBS and by the New York state education department. It is clearly sympathetic to Islamic terrorists in Palestine.

The lesson plan, titled “Dying to be a Martyr,” features, among other things, video interviews with two potential Islamic terrorists and one who was actually involved in a terrorist bombing.

The first video is an interview with a young terrorist saying Israelis get to enjoy their life but they can’t even leave Palestine, which is untrue.

The second video is an interview with a young terrorist who said he was reluctant to bomb the Israelis because of his concern for innocents and young children. He is sitting in an Israeli prison and what he did not say and what is far more likely, is that he didn’t want to blow himself up and he wants to get out of prison.

In the third interview with an actual bomber, the terrorist claims he’s just doing what the Israelis do to them. He only wants freedom and an end to the racist and Nazi Jewish state. It’s the duty of Muslims to fight occupation, he says. It’s all a lie but there is nothing in the plan to counteract it.

This is why it’s dangerous to falsely describe Israel as an apartheid state and claim Israelis are occupiers. It’s not only untrue, but it’s repeating the lie of the terrorists themselves.

There are no instructions to present Israel’s perspective. There is only one viewpoint presented – that of the terrorists.

There is a section for teachers to check for understanding about why Mohanned feels he’d rather die and the correct answer is his life is hollow while Israelis are happy. Palestines don’t have land, have few privileges and can’t even leave Palestine, according to the terrorist.

The Blaze found the teacher who is still teaching this pro-Palestinian lesson and who knows what else at Ballston Spa High School but he didn’t get back to them.

This plan and the videos were listed with other videos and books in “Resources for Teachers.” Among those items listed is a video titled “Story of Islam: A History of the World’s Most Misunderstood Faith.” Along with that is this lesson plan, the only complete lesson plan, along with the sympathetic videos.

If New York State Ed wanted to help instruct future home grown terrorists, this would be the best way to do it.

The gratuitous comments by the terrorists are self-serving and the Israelis who have suffered under the terrorism inflicted by Hamas (Palestine terrorists) are left unheard, but the children in grades 9-13 will never know it from this lesson.

In fact, before 1967 there was never a “Palestinian people”. They were dispersed in ideology and geography. Pre-1948 most Jews and Arabs that lived anywhere in eretz Israel were “Palestinians.”

The Palestinians unified after the six-day war into a movement. They became a people who hate Jews and aimed to destroy them. Hamas has joined with Fatah to stir a worldwide Islamic revolution.

Read the full story at the blaze. As a New Yorker, I find nothing about this to be shocking.


  1. Although PBS was never really neutral, about 2 years ago they started to lean left a lot more…I used to watch the PBS news hour…I watched that for decades, but aproximately 2 years ago it became full of pro-left propaganda that was a 100 times too obvious…PBS now has reports that support the lies of blacklivesmatter or of laraza…I now only watch for a few minutes every couple months to check how bad their leftist mental disease is…

    Speaking of PBS they now include in every documentary – no matter what the topic is from sea algua to computers- a few minutes of multi-culti-diversity-is-great-whites-are-bad propaganda.

    PBS has been infected by the radical leftist virus, they are losing credibility fast.

      • Yes concerning…

        a couple weeks ago a journalist from the National Post asked me why I get my news from alternative news source and in my very long answer ( I know I write long answer ! haha! ) , I told him that it is not healthy for a democracy to have the entire ( or about 98 % ) of the media help one party and demonize the other party…and that if I want to know the rest of a story or the other side of the coin in a story presented by the MSM, or if I want to see in what context that event happened, I have to get this information somewhere, and only alternative media provides us with this information.

        Sites like this one here or The Rebel in Canada provide us with, to give one example, unedited videos that show us the entire comment in context, not the edited by the MSMS version that makes the liberal look good and makes the conservative look bad….or they show us the entire document or the entire phone call not the edited by the MSMS version that fits the liberal narrative.

        I also told him that simply exposing the lies and the cheating of the left is so much work, there is not much time left for non-liberal / non-MSM journalist to fabricate fake stories! There are so many stories to debunk, it is a full time job and 24 hours in a day are not enough!

        Although the MSM makes big dollars they are not the ones doing important work, it is the smaller much less well paid journalists of the non-liberal/non-MSM that are doing important work.

        Of course not every anti-liberal journalist ( or blogger ) is honest or good at what they do, but I think I have an eye for the good ones!

        • I agree with you. The mainstream media has a lot of good news but I have to wade through all the left-wing propaganda. It’s true that blogs on both right and left are not always trustworthy also. It’s challenging.

          P.S. I find your long comments very interesting.

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