Victor Davis Hanson: US Civilization Is In Freefall, It’s All Mounting


“You can see it’s all mounting,” Victor Davis Hanson says in the clip below. “It’s a civilization in freefall.” When you know the problem and can’t fix it, society collapses.

These people causing this are very, very wealthy, all from political families, they all know each other, and they are all hard left. They never pay the consequences of their actions.

In California, illegal aliens are eligible for loan interest home loans, while citizens struggle, unable to pay their rent. California is the fifth largest holder of natural gas, but gas at the pump is extremely expensive. It’s insane, VDH says.

The US abandons the melting pot and encourages people to behave as they would in their countries. There is no unity and assimilation so it becomes lawless. There is no law in Biden’s America.

It’s a civilizational crisis, and if it is not corrected, we are going to be third-world, VDH says.

Victor Davis Hanson thinks Donald Trump will win, it’s not so much about Donald Trump, it’s because you are there for civilization or you’re not.

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