Forty countries have condemned the dictatorship Nicolas Maduro is trying to inflict on the people of Venezuela. Newt Gingrich says that is significant and shows that a lot of people see the danger geo-politically.

Newt Gingrich explains why this matters and how bad politicians with bad ideas can destroy a prosperous nation. When people rebel, force is used. Then the poor are pitted against the middle class. Maduro has armed the poor to make certain his dictatorship survives.

It’s what happens to all left-wing ideologies, he says. The process is always the same Newt says: They make big promises, then they rip off people, followed by redistribution from the productive, next is the collapse of the economy, and finally there is the imposition of the dictatorship.

It is a terrible tragedy.

If allowed to survive, it could de-stabliize South America, Central America, and even Mexico.

Americans must learn what the policies of socialism do to a nation.  We also have an obligation to make certain this danger does not expand, he concludes.


  1. At the time Trump announced his candidacy a very prominent Rabbi had said Trump Would be elected POTUS. The Rabbi had said the purpose was to be a deterrent for the time when nations would engage Israel in armed conflict. In so doing America had to be in such a position that its leader wouldn’t be constrained by external forces. In order to get to that position America would have to be made Great Again. It was quite the interesting analysis covering some 13 episodes.

    But I am becoming resigned to the fact this may not be the case. This is one possibility of the events that will unfold, but there is another side to this end. It is manifested by the current geopolitical scene among the many nations. This alternate possibility has the nations warring internally. This is clearly the scene in Venezuela today and has been similarly seen in many other nations.

    I am beginning to think we are and will fall into the latter category. With all the news that has come out today alone, it speaks volumes to the possible warring factions, especially when the likes of Graham makes a concerted effort to insure Mueller is Not shut down. It is becoming more and more apparent that Most of the Republican Party also have this goal. They seem to be in revolt and are insuring Trump has NO success in his agenda, in any manner, shape, or form.

    We are at a crossroads now. We can turn into the eventual Venezuela, with warring factions, and subject a nation to turmoil that will result in what the Obama official stated to her supporters, “blood in the streets”. Today that War has begun. In all that I have seen in my lifetime I could never have imagined a day where a President of this United States has been hamstrung by a Bureaucratic coup ‘in progress’. It appears Brennan and Clapper are getting their wish by our OWN MILITARY. I AM ASHAMED I EVER SERVED THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!

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