North Korea Might Be Able to Rain Nuclear Bombs on South Korea by Stealth


There is a new realistic fear that North Korea has the planes to deliver nukes to South Korea without detection. North Korea has let the world know it as well. The man is a terrorist and this is what he does – drives terror.

North Korean fliers jumping out of the AN-2s

The Daily Mail UK describes the planes that present this significant threat in the hands of a lunatic.

Madman Kim Jong Un, the North Korean despot, has a fleet of 1947 Antonov AN-2 planes which have antiquated radial engines. The beauty of these for him is they have very low radar profiles and are difficult to track using radar. They also fly so slowly that modern anti-aircraft systems are programmed to ignore them.

They can carry a ton of cargo or 10 troops and they can fly “backwards” when faced with a strong headwind. Also, they can land on very rough and short strips or roads.

These aircraft fly so close to the earth that ground-based missile systems won’t pick them up and jets overhead won’t. They are painted with camouflage colors as well.

North Korean state media has released photos of paratroopers bailing at incredibly low levels.

It’s something else with which to terrorize his neighbors who fear this will enable him to deliver a nuclear bomb carried out by suicide bombers.

North Korea is said to have at least 1,000 artillery pieces within striking range of Seoul, the South Korean capital, which is home to 25 million people.

Kim has claimed North Korea now has technology to miniaturize its nuclear weapons to fit onto an ballistic missile.

North Korea could potentially load a bomb onto the back of an AN-2 and detonate it over the south.

If he doesn’t have the capacity, he soon will.

Early Tuesday, Japan sent out alerts to its citizens as one of the madman’s missiles flew over Northern Japan, landing in the sea to the east. It is in the path to Guam.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described the launch as “an unprecedented serious and significant threat.”

President Trump will undoubtedly put more pressure on China to put the clamps on North Korea which they won’t do. Meanwhile, South Korea had best develop software to detect these planes.

Kim has to know he will be evaporated if he starts blowing up the world.

In order to keep his people in check however, he has to keep this up indefinitely.