One Incredibly Powerful Speech, Blasting the Socialists


Wayne LaPierre’s powerful speech at CPAC today wasn’t about the NRA, it was about liberty and the Constitution. He blasted the Socialists who have taken over the Democrat Party in a way few of our cowardly politicians have done. The NRA President defined the Socialist agenda and their determination to eliminate personal freedom, beginning with the Second Amendment.

It is infuriating that our politicians allowed the Marxist Obama to trample our Constitution. They said nothing.

Mr. LaPierre’s Speech Tore the Democrat Party’s Socialism to Shreds

The left doesn’t want to put guards at schools because they say it’s militarization and it makes students less safe. Mr. LaPierre addressed that and said if that were true, we would remove the security from the White House, from Hollywood, and from government buildings.

The best was when he called out the “poisonous movement” that has taken over the Democrat Party. He acknowledged the one fact people seem afraid to discuss – the Democrat Party is the Socialist Party.

The last decade, “the Obama decade”, he said, set off the “tidal wave of Socialist saboteurs” who don’t believe in the Constitution. While Barack Obama is gone, their “Utopian dream marches on”.

The movement, he said, “feeds off” victims. The Socialists find the offended victims. They then send out their agitators, whether it be the Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, or Antifa, to “promote the uncivil discourse”.

It isn’t only the Second Amendment that is in danger, it’s the Constitution. Anyone who thinks they have free speech is wrong, he insisted. Many would agree. These Socialists will take our freedoms because of their desire for complete control and social engineering. Once lost, our freedoms will be gone forever.

Mr. LaPierre also talked about the Obama administration taking away gun rights from seniors and veterans simply because they needed extra help with paperwork.

He also reminded people that it is the NRA which came up with the National Check System.

Finally, he told the CPAC audience that the schools have perverted our history. They despise our Constitution and individual liberty. But it is our Constitution which guarantees that every American has freedom. The Socialists want to take that away.

The media, even Fox News, framed this speech as a defense of the NRA. It was so much more. It was a defense of the United States.

This clip is an abridged clip of the very honest and powerful 30-minute plus speech. You can listen to the entire speech on this link.

Our Feckless Politicians

Where are our Republicans defending our Constitution? Where are they?

Earlier today, Senator Marco Rubio claimed that Republicans have control of both Houses and the White House. Therefore, it’s up to them.

Political editor at Fox News Chris Stirewalt said Mr. LaPierre’s speech was a blame Democrats speech.

First of all, it wasn’t a blame anyone speech, it was calling it like it is. Secondly, we do not have the Senate. We have fake Republicans. Only 39 of them voted for the bill to build the wall and stop chain migration.

It was an honest, patriotic speech.

There is a civil war going on and only one side is fighting.


  1. All he did was speak the voice of the arms dealers. Nothing more. It was a selfish speech under the guise of liberty.

  2. It was a patriotic speech. We are under attack from progressives. They want our Bible and our Guns! We have our youth taught revisionists history by progressive academia for decades. They will not stop until they have all our guns and a secular society, which is why we are where we find ourselves. The nuclear family and religion are what made America great; for without a moral and just society a capitalistic republic cannot exist! That is the reason the progressives want our God and our Guns!

  3. Yeah…I could see the “arms dealers” hands moving his mouth. They gotta work on their special effects.

    GREAT speech. And he was right about JFK. Compared to today’s Democrats, JFK was Ronald Reagan.

    Liberty was bought and paid for in blood against tyranny. Liberty that gives, distasteful though it can be at times, Socialists/Communists the right to spout their garbage.  And it gives Liberty loving, Patriotic Americans, the right to call BULL***!

    The Founding Fathers knew first hand the dangers of trusting too much in government – in men – giving too much authority to government. So they gave us the Second Amendment as a safeguard for Liberty. To paraphrase Judge Andrew Napolitano: ” The 2nd Amendment isn’t about your right to shoot a deer. It’s about your right to shoot tyrants….”. Millions of law abiding gun owners hope we never have to make that choice, we just want to be left alone. In the meantime, it’s about our “God given” right to defend ourselves, our families, our homes, with the tools necessary to meet any threat. And very often the tool of choice is the AR 15 .

    History has shown what happens when people don’t have the means to counter tyrants: Communist China, Communist Russia, Nazi Germany. Millions dead or enslaved.

    Judge Napolitano on the Second Amendment:

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